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ISA Service-Learning in Galway, Ireland

Steeped in history, present day Galway combines its rich cultural heritage with a young and innovative population. Traditional Irish and contemporary local music, fascinating history and art museums, and dozens of annual festivals are just a few of the things to look forward to discovering in this university town. Our programs in Galway, Ireland, provide opportunities for both individuals and g...

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Volunteer in Dublin with Connect-123!

Dedicate your time and skills for a good cause through our numerous volunteering opportunities in Dublin. As a Connect-123 volunteer, you will be placed in one of the many non-profits, clinics, hospitals, and schools we work with around the city. We have a range of placement areas available, allowing you to choose a specific role that needs your specific set of skills. Get the chance to cont...

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IPSL Ireland: Art, Design and Technology

Explore what it means to assume the responsibilities of global citizenship from the lived experience of a specific place. Live in Dublin and study at ‘The Institute of Art, Design and Technology’ while working for community-based agencies. In addition to learning the practical skills of community organizing & social activism (COSA) courses can include: • English, Media & Critical Theory • New...


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International Volunteer & Academic Internship Program

Participate in a highly famous project in Ireland that has had years of successful volunteer and internship placements with Quest Campus. The program offers intense project work and development, including involvement in the international Charleville Castle management team, sustainable conservation, event management and implementation, PeaceZone activities and organization, meeting with public, ...

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CTL Ireland - Affordable Volunteering and Internships

CTL’s volunteer and internship programs allow participants to contribute their skills and energy to support local organizations in achieving their goals. We have carefully selected a number of host organizations which provide participants with worthwhile and challenging work programs. Our programs involve an immersion within local communities and the Irish culture. We facilitate an experiential...


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Unique Cultural & Language Exchange in Gorgeous Ireland

Travel to Dublin, Ireland, in the summer for an unforgettable cultural experience. AIP Angloville is one of the biggest language immersion program providers in Central and Eastern Europe, and it is inviting volunteers to help improve the English language skills of its participants. The 10-day program is located at University College Dublin in the heart of the city, where meals and accommodat...