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A Guide to TEFL Courses in Pretoria

As the executive capital of South Africa, Pretoria serves as a unique place to earn your TEFL certification. The Rainbow Nation has eleven national languages, which includes English as the fourth most spoken. This means that you will find enough comfort in hearing English regularly, but there is also enough language diversity for you to experience. Pretoria is an opportune site for your TEFL certification because of its three universities (many opportunities to meet new people!), and also because of the city’s beauty and wonder, especially when the jacarandas trees bloom in a purple rain.

Life in Pretoria

Life as a student of TEFL abroad in Pretoria may consist of shared taxis (unless you prefer Uber), trips to Woolworths (a local supermarket), and feeling the lasting effects of the apartheid regime. There is much to learn from South Africa’s recent history, especially in Pretoria. Places like Freedom Park can teach you South Africa’s past, while a visit to the Union Buildings may give you insight into political life today. Pretoria is not a super touristy area, like you would find in Cape Town for example, so be prepared for your presence to be felt by those around you. This may make you more aware of your own identity within your new surroundings, which may be a little scary but also an incredible learning experience. 

While you get TEFL certified in Pretoria, you will also have opportunities for day trips to Jo’burg (Johannesburg, South Africa’s biggest city) or visits to the elephant sanctuary (like the elephants, you won’t be able to forget this experience), or breathtaking safari experiences to fill your heart and free time. And believe us, South Africa, and those elephants, are easy to fall in love with.

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop for TEFL Courses in Pretoria

Ultimately, completing your TEFL certification in a place where language has so much historical and relevant meaning will be an insightful experience. You will be able to gage how English is received while completing your TEFL courses in Pretoria. Many people view Afrikaans (one of the eleven official languages) as the language of the oppressor because of its association to the apartheid regime, even though it is a major part of many South Africans’ lives. 

Completing your TEFL course in Pretoria will give you the in-class experience that will help you in your future TEFL job placements. The more hands-on experience, support, and guidance you have, the more comfortable you will feel when you are the teacher. And with teaching English as a foreign language, confidence and enthusiasm is key! The TEFL courses in Pretoria will give you all that you need to be successful in this new adventure.

Ultimately, completing your TEFL certification classes in Pretoria will give you confidence in your new teaching skills, lifelong memories of elephant friends and the beauty of South Africa, and endless excuses to continue to explore all that this world has to offer. You will have the opportunity to bring people together through the power of language, and what an incredible experience that will be!

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