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A Guide to Teaching Abroad in Seville

Pristinely settled in the South of Spain, Seville is the country’s fourth largest city and the capital of the region of Andalusia. For potential teachers who are looking for an authentic Spanish experience away from the big bustling cities of Barcelona and Madrid, teaching in Seville presents the perfect opportunity with a laid back Mediterranean aesthetic. From the exhilarating bullfighting arenas to the ultra-passionate Flamenco dances, Seville is a dream location for people from all over the world to live and teach abroad.

Teaching Jobs in Seville

The easiest teaching jobs for foreigners to obtain are those that entail teaching English in Seville. Spain actually has one of the lowest English speaking proficiencies in the whole European Union, so ESL teachers are a valuable commodity in most major cities.

There are a variety of different formats potential teacher can teach English in Seville. There are many private schools and academies which hire native English speakers who are TEFL/TESOL certified, and some TEFL programs in Spain will even combine a one month certification course with subsequent opportunities to teach English in Seville. There are also openings for English speaking teacher assistants in the public school system facilitated by Spain’s Ministry of Education as part of a cross cultural program. Supplementary private English tutoring is another good way to pick up extra cash in your free time while teaching English in Seville.

If you want to teach a subject other than English in Seville, then securing employment can be a bit more difficult. There are a number of international schools in Seville which hire foreign teachers, but these openings typically require a good deal of experience and often are looking to hire from within the EU, to bypass visa and labor complications. It is certainly possible to land a teaching jobs in Seville focused on instructing math or science at an international or private school, but these openings are harder to find than teaching ESL.

Life in Seville

You might have a period of culture shock adjusting to living in Seville, as the Spaniards tend to champion an all around more relaxed lifestyle than in many Western countries. Shops will close up late in the afternoon for siesta, meals do not begin until much later and can loll on for hours, and nightlife tends to start very late at night and end very early in the morning. It can be a fun and rewarding experience immersing yourself into this lifestyle as you teach English in Seville, so be patient and feel out the pulse of the city as you adjust. 

Public transportation is quick and easy around Seville. There is a good bus system, a metro, and the Sevici community bicycle program, which offers a cheap and easily accessible system of bike sharing. Exploring Seville by any of these means is an extraordinary experience, as there is so much beautiful architecture to see and so many cultural treasures to be discovered. The Plaza de Espana, Giralda, and Alcazar Palace complex are a few good places to start. Further, if you teach English in Seville you will soon be moving past the tourist attractions and finding your own special niche living among locals!

It will greatly benefit you both in and outside the classroom to be at least conversational in Spanish before obtaining a teaching job in Seville. Though most English teaching jobs in Seville will want you to minimize your use of Spanish in the classroom, so that pupils can learn English more efficiently. In general, you will find that overall communication is much easier if you are willing and able to speak Spanish in most informal scenarios. Some teaching jobs in Seville will even include Spanish lessons for those who want to expand their language skills.

Salaries & Costs

Seville is a moderately expensive city to live in as an international teacher. You will make enough money to get by on a teacher’s salary, but do not expect to save up much teaching English in Seville. Salaries for most entry level teaching jobs in Seville range from $1,000 to $1,500 a month for full time positions, which is enough to cover rent and general costs of living while also leaving you with some surplus. Naturally your salary will depend on both the type of teaching position you find and the amount of hours you work, with private schools and international schools generally paying the most.

Accommodation & Visas

It may be most reasonable to begin by renting a single room in a multi-bedroom apartment. Locals and expats frequently advertise rooms for rent, so finding a place to stay should not be too difficult. If you are looking to find your own place, keep in mind rent can come close to $1,000 a month for a one bedroom apartment, so you may want to look in cheaper neighborhoods, such as Hytasa or Cerro de Aguila. Real estate tends to be significantly more expensive in the city center and other popular areas of town.

If you are coming from outside of the European Union, then you will need to secure a workers visa to teach English in Seville. Typically your employer is required to endorse said visa, but you are also allotted a three month grace period to live in Seville freely while searching for a teaching job. Spain’s visa policy varies according to your country of residence, so check out to locate an embassy near to you.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Teaching abroad in Seville is a fantastic way to see the world while gaining valuable educational and cultural experience living in one of Spain’s greatest cities. Seville’s founding dates back almost 1500 years, and the city has witnessed some of the brightest and darkest passages of European history. Today you will find Seville to be a thriving Mediterranean cultural center with a fun and vibrant pace of life amongst some of the continent’s most beautiful architecture. So what are you waiting for? Start looking for teaching jobs in Seville today!

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A Guide To
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