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A Guide to Teaching Abroad in Madrid

As one of the largest and most influential cities in all of Southern Europe, Madrid is a dream location for educators from all over the world to teach abroad. While teaching in Madrid, you will experience the laid back appeal of the Mediterranean lifestyle along with the constant excitement that comes from residing in one of Europe’s largest economic, educational, and cultural centers. Spanning from countless historical landmarks to innovative modern architecture, teaching abroad in Madrid is a true adventure in a beautiful and thriving Spanish metropolis.

Teaching in Madrid

Madrid is a huge urban area with many different types of educational institutions, so there are plentiful opportunities to teach abroad in Madrid.

It is most common for foreign educators to teach English as a second language in Madrid, and within this field there are many routes you can go with. Individuals can teach English in Madrid at a private academy, international school, or language school most easily.

A TEFL/TESOL certificate will greatly enhance your prospects of finding worthwhile English teaching jobs in Madrid, so it is highly recommended for you to complete TEFL training and become TEFL certified before looking for teaching positions. There are many TEFL programs in Spain that offer month long TEFL training courses followed by the possibility of filling an open teaching job in Madrid.

There are also teaching jobs in Madrid within other subject fields, if you do not desire to teach English abroad. If you are fluent in Spanish, then this opens up a whole new realm of possible teaching jobs in Madrid, such as those in teaching math, science, and history.

Generally Spanish schools prefer hiring from within the European Union to avoid visa restriction complications, but there are still many programs out there that will help you bypass this process. The Spanish Ministry of Education itself runs a government sponsored program which provides fluent English speakers from North America the opportunity to temporarily teach in Madrid though.

Madrid can be a competitive city to teach abroad in, as it is a highly desirable city to work in for expats coming from around the world. It is best to get on the ball early and start the application process in spring if you wish to begin teaching in Madrid during the ensuing school year, which begins every fall. While you are teaching abroad in Madrid, tutoring and holding private language lessons are great ways to pick up extra cash for your daily needs or your savings account!

Life in Madrid

Madrid is Spain’s capital and largest city with over six million people residing in the metropolitan area. As with any big city there is a wealth of entertainment and leisure time activities that will ensure your time teaching in Madrid will never be ill spent. The old town features a variety of fascinating attractions well worth visiting, there are many theaters and sporting venues located throughout the city, and the so called “Golden Triangle of Art” boasts some of the most prestigious art museums in all of Europe. For those who take to the nightlife, Madrid is also infamous for its bar and club scene, where you can dance the night away.

The public transportation in Madrid is another golden star to its reputation. There is a large network of metros, railways, and bus systems which will take you anywhere you need to go around the city, cheaply and efficiently. It is also the center of Spain’s high speed railway system (the third largest in the world), by which it is possible to reach other major Spanish destinations, such as Barcelona and Seville, in just a couple of hours.

The cultural adjustment of teaching abroad anywhere in the world can be challenge, and Madrid is no exception. It will help greatly in your daily life beyond the classroom if you are able to speak Spanish at least conversationally, opening up a whole new side of the city which might not be accessible to Anglophones. Other aspects of Spanish culture such as afternoon siestas and late dinners (often not until 10 p.m.) might appear foreign and strange at first, but soon you will acclimate and come to fall in love with the Spanish lifestyle in Madrid.

Salary & Costs

Some teaching jobs in Madrid are paid by the hour, while others are compensated with a monthly salary. There are a large variety of opportunities to teach in Madrid so each will compensate you in a different way, but generally it is safe to expect to earn anywhere between 500 and 1500 euros per month. You might also be lucky enough to find a teaching position that provides you with some form of room and board as additional compensation too.

Spain is certainly not the most expensive country in Europe, but in Madrid (its biggest city) costs of living can be greater proportionally than throughout the rest of the country. Many teachers opt to take on additional employment, such as giving private group lessons, to add to their income, while others live with a local host family whom they provide English language lessons for in exchange for accommodation. While you will earn enough to get by comfortably in Madrid, do not expect to live lavishly by any means on a teacher’s salary. Shop locally, cook your own meals, and take advantage of all the free entertainment the city can provide, and you will be fine!

Accommodation & Visas

There are hundreds of neighborhoods sprawling across Madrid, so it might be overwhelming at first when deciding where to live. Although, some schools or employers will help you set up accommodations, or at least point you in the right direction. It will be cheapest and fun to live with roommates, at least when you first arrive in Madrid. Try scouting out neighborhoods, such as Malsana, La Latina, or Moncloa, to start.

Your employer or teaching placement provider will have to sponsor a working visa for you if you plan to teach in Madrid for longer than three months. Again, because Spain is such a desirable location to live in, obtaining a work visa can be challenging for those coming from outside of the European Union, but with diligence and the right qualifications you should be fine.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Madrid is one of the the most fun and culturally stimulating cities in the world to live in as an expat. Teaching abroad in Madrid will provide you with the unique opportunity to interact closely with locals, improve your Spanish, and advance your educational career, all while experiencing the terrific array of sight and sounds in Southern Europe’s most happening city. The adventure of a lifetime awaits you in Madrid – all you must do now is decide what program fits you best.

Read our comprehensive guide on teaching abroad in Spain.

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