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A Guide to Studying Abroad in England

There is perhaps no other country which has been so active in the shaping of our modern world as England; the simple fact that billions of people beyond the British isles speak English today should give some indication of its vast influence. Home to a multicultural population and some of the very finest universities in the world, every year millions of international students choose to uproot from home and embark to study abroad in England. Are you ready to join the movement?


For a country which has had such a vast historical impact, England is actually very small; it is half the size of California. Settled over the southern region of the island of Great Britain off the west coast of Europe, you can drive all the way across-country in a matter of hours. Together with Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, England forms an integral part of the larger United Kingdom.

As you might suspect, London is perennially the most popular destination where to study abroad in England. The country’s capital and largest city is regarded, along with New York across the Atlantic, as being one of the two leading global cities on earth. Academically stimulating and culturally diverse, students can benefit from truly international environment while they study abroad in London.

Smaller cities where many foreign students also choose to study abroad in England include Manchester, Birmingham, and York. As opposed to the global-orientation of London, these cities remain more distinctly British in their local culture, which can be an enriching experience for anyone interest in the English way of life.

Other smaller college towns, such as Oxford or Cambridge, also welcome thousands of college students into their ranks every year. The best location where to study abroad in England may come down to the quality of a subject-specific academic program that you are interested in, so research widely while making your decision!

Subjects & Courses

A major benefit of studying abroad in England is that English-speakers from all over the world can enjoy access to a full course catalogue taught in our era’s most widely used common language. By enrolling at an English university or in a local study abroad program, you can choose to pursue courses in essentially any academic field ranging all the way from theater to political science to engineering.

England is also home to a substantial number of the most highly-touted universities in the world. Even beyond household names like Oxford and Cambridge, the quality and prestige of English higher education across the country is rivaled only by that of the United States. Add to this the huge amount of international students in the country every year, and you know you will be benefiting from a thriving and diverse academic environment.

Study abroad programs in England run year-round, so that you can choose between embarking for summer, fall, winter, spring, or a full academic year. Because it is such as popular destination where to study abroad, there are lots of different types of programs that you can look into; some combining your studies with internships, volunteering, or travel, for example. Look into a wide range of study abroad programs in England, and don’t settle for the ordinary!

Scholarships & Costs

Many English universities are private, so tuition can be expensive for foreign students. This should not stop you from pursuing your dream to study abroad in England; talk to your home university and study abroad program financial aid opportunities, and also check out our scholarship directory to discover more options to help cover the costs of studying abroad.

Beyond the baseline costs of studying abroad, England is also a fairly expensive country to live in, so you’ll want to plan a budget during your stay. Learn to do the little things right such as shop locally, cook for yourself, and take advantage of free entertainment, and you will be fine!

Accommodation & Visas

The most common housing options for students who study abroad in England include student dormitories, off-campus apartments, and homestays with local English families. All of these accommodations have their pros and cons, so be sure to weigh the options carefully while deciding what living situation best fits your desired lifestyle abroad.

England has a fairly relaxed visa policy by international standards, allowing citizens of many countries to enter the country for up to six months before obtaining documentation. Students from other countries may alternatively be required to obtain a visa prior to arrival, however, so check out our for more information regarding your individual circumstances.

Benefits & Challenges

Global Outlook. From the darker days of colonialism to the more positive outlook of modern globalization, England has been an driving force in the integration of the world community. This outlook is represented in its own multicultural population, as well.

Local Narratives. While the country’s global diversity is part of what makes it so great, embarking to study in England is also an opportunity to delve deeper into the fascinating history and cultural dynamics of the British Isles themselves. Between England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, there are many tales of local intrigue.

Quality Education. Lastly, England is home to some of the most respected universities in the world, where you know you will be entering into a competitive and rewarding academic environment. Are you up to the challenge?

Leaving home to study abroad in England is the opportunity to become part of something larger than yourself; in our era of integration and rapid globalization, England sits center stage to it all.

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A Guide To
Studying Abroad in England


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Study Abroad in London or Oxford with IES Abroad

IES Abroad provides study abroad and internship programs in London and Oxford that are designed for students who want to delve into a new culture while studying academic courses. Students can enroll in a variety of programs, at either an IES Abroad Center or by directly enrolling in a British university to truly experience life as a local student.

Student visiting the Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England.

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Explore England throughout Study Abroad Programs with API

Live and learn with API in metropolitan London, student-friendly Leeds, or in an English countryside manor at Harlaxton College! Experience the vibrant city life of London with API's multitude of program offerings or give yourself a traditional British experience at University of Leeds. Or try API's newest Hogwarts-like program at Harlaxton College for British Studies. Discover more with API!

John Cabot University

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Boston University Study Abroad in London

Discover the English history, culture, and society through Boston University Study Abroad program. This program provides international students unique programs combined with classroom course work and local excursions throughout London. The program offers American students a wide array of disciplines and interest to study such as Architecture, History and Literature, Art History, and more.

BUAbroad - students in front of a theater in London

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Athena Study Abroad in London, England

Through Athena Study Abroad, American participants can choose from a wide range of courses such as Creative Writing, Theology, and Social Policy at the Roehampton University in London, England. Study in one of the most culturally sophisticated cities in the world and experience its internationally-renowned attractions. Students are taught directly by brilliant academics and learn in a rich and ...

Two students posing inside the telephone booth in London, England.

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University Studies Abroad Consortium

University Studies Abroad Consortium offers academic programs in one of the most sought-after study abroad destinations in the world. Students can study in England with a program designed by a provider that has been offering services in the field of international studies for the past 30 years. USAC has gained the expertise necessary to properly meet the participants’ needs.

USAC students posing in front of the  the Big Ben.

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Study Abroad in England with ISA

In this program, developed by ISA, participants may choose to attend classes at multiple universities throughout London or partake in courses held at the University of Reading in Reading. Offering a wide variety of programs, students have the opportunity to select courses that will best fit their academic needs, partake in various excursions, and receive support from the on-site ISA staff throu...

ISA students with a Scots Guard in England

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New York University

Theater is the heart beat of London, home of New York University's England study abroad program. Students live and study just steps away from the West End, home of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of Opera, and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, providing them with a inspriring creative environment.

Two students strolling down a street in London

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Study at the University of Roehampton

University of Roehampton, in London, England, offers study abroad programs for most undergraduate and postgraduate students. Individuals benefit from a nurturing learning environment as they study in a highly cosmopolitan city. The university offers a wide range of courses and access to exceptional campus facilities.

University of Roehampton

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Summer Programmes at Oriel College, University of Oxford

Did you know that the University of Oxford is the oldest English-speaking university in the world? If you have ever wondered what studying at such a world-leading university would be like, you have come to the right place. The Summer Institute here at Oriel College (University of Oxford) offers you the unique opportunity to live and study at either Oriel College or another constituent college o...


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University of Cambridge International Summer Programmes

Study at a world-leading university and join a vibrant community of international students. Taught at undergraduate level, programmes include: Business & Entrepreneurship, Science, Literature, Creative Writing, History, Art & Visual Culture, Ancient & Classical Worlds, Medieval Studies, Shakespeare, and Interdisciplinary studies. Stay in a historic College and enjoy a range of social activities.