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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Asia

Words like “vast” and “diverse” cannot begin to describe the number of options for study abroad in Asia. Encompassing nearly one-third of the Earth’s land mass and nearly two-thirds of the world’s population, the largest continent on Earth is as different from country to country as yin and yang. Nonetheless, there are regional ties, historical complexities, and geographical similarities that help unite Asia under one distinct identity. Study abroad programs in Asia are best for students who are ready for a grand adventure in a place filled with centuries of history worth exploring.


There are over 50 countries encompassed by Asia, many of which boast a tremendous amount of cultural diversity within their borders. It would be impossible to explore all the promising destinations for study abroad in Asia in this brief segment, instead the following is a regional breakdown of the most popular destinations among students. 

In the far East, Japan, China, and South Korea reign supreme as the top countries for study abroad in Asia. These countries have had a long history of trade, warfare, and mutual influence between them, yet today remain remarkably distinct in their own cultural nuances. Each exerts a powerful influence in the global arena, making each one a very promising place for a study abroad experience in Asia. 

In southeast Asia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines are gaining in popularity as they continue to develop economically and gain influence on the global stage. Again, very different in their own right, each one offering uniquely beautiful landscapes, fascinating histories, and welcoming populations who are no strangers to international travelers. 

In the Indian subcontinent, India and Nepal are two very enriching destinations for study abroad in Asia. Largely sheltered throughout history by extensive coastlines and the massive Himalayas to the north, the largely shared heritage between these two countries remains very distinct today, as both a proud and deeply religious culture.

Studying Abroad in Asia

You can take your pick of subjects while studying abroad in Asia, as there will be plenty to choose from. If you choose to study abroad at a large university, you will usually have access to the full course catalogue, granted you are proficient enough in the local language to engage in courses effectively. Asian countries where English is generally the medium of education include India, Singapore, and the Philippines. 

Another option for study abroad in Asia comes in the form of study abroad programs that enroll students in local satellite schools or partner institutions, where courses are much smaller and tailored to an international student body. The subject matter of these courses is generally focused on the regional language, culture, and history, providing an intensive education students’ newfound surroundings.

Some popular fields of study in Asia, regardless of program type, include Asian Studies, History, Economics, and Business. Additionally, language study abroad programs in Asia are a great way to advance your fluency in a particular dialect, but you should always make the effort to engage in conversation as much as possible outside the classroom too.

Study abroad programs in Asia are typically offered during the summer term, during fall and spring semester, or for a full academic year. It is a good idea to communicate with your home university beforehand, to discuss feasible options for you to study abroad and also stay on track for your degree.

Scholarships & Costs

There is a tremendous amount of economic and infrastructural diversity within the Asian continent, so your study abroad expenses will vary significantly depending on where you decide to go. For example, Japan is one of the most expensive countries in the world to travel to; on the other hand, India is one of the least expensive study abroad destinations in Asia. Regardless of where you end up studying abroad in Asia, there are a ton of great scholarship opportunities to help you foot the bill.

Accommodation & Visas

Speaking in generalities, you will likely have the option of living in a homestay, student dormitories, or in an individual apartment while studying abroad in Asia. Each type of housing has its pros and cons, so consider available accommodations significantly when researching different study abroad program options.

You will likely need to apply for a student visa before embarking on your study abroad adventure in Asia. Your host university or study abroad program provider will usually help guide you through this process. But, in the mean time, you can check out for more visa information your destination of choice.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Unravel the Mystery. For many who have never visited Asia, it remains a land of great complexity and intrigue. Leaving your own culture behind to explore an entirely new one can be a formidable challenge, but one well worth undertaking as you gain your bearings within a whole new manifestation of life. 

Learn a Language. Asia has rapidly developed throughout the 20th century to the point where many regional powers hold a significant influence on the global stage. Asian languages can be difficult to learn, but once you have the knowledge it will become an invaluable skillset to have moving forward into the job market. 

Travel Affordably. As many countries in Asia are still developing economically, travel within the continent is cheap and accessible for many students coming from the industrialized world, so explore as much as you can while studying abroad in Asia!

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Business Study Abroad Program in Asia

Spend a semester traveling abroad and experiencing business study first-hand. The program includes excursions in each country to multinational companies and local businesses, giving students valuable first-hand experience.

Students in an adventure cruise

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American Institute For Foreign Study

Study Abroad in India with the American Institute for Foreign Studies (AIFS), located in Hyderabad. Participants live in home stays, allowing them to learn more the nation's culture and language first hand. Students can join the program for a semester or a full year, and take a variety of courses from Dance to Religious Studies to History.

John Cabot University

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Boston University Study Abroad in Shanghai

American participants can immerse themselves in the Arabic language and culture by living in Africa with Boston University Study Abroad. Study in a private cultural institution in Morocco and experience the unique immersion provided by the study abroad program. Upon successful completion of the program, students will earn credits and new experiences in life.


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Go Abroad China Ltd.

Gain insight to the Oriental culture, lifestyle, and academic environment of China through the international academic studies program offered by Go Abroad China Ltd. This program offers a wide variety of Chinese Mandarin language courses including beginners, intermediate, and advance levels. Explore the beautiful surrounding of this nation while expanding intellectual horizons through GAC.


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University Studies Abroad Consortium

The University Studies Abroad Consortium offers study abroad programs in China, India, Japan, and South Korea. Students have the chance to enroll in high-quality courses while living in culturally fascinating Asian countries. Participants gain valuable knowledge as they are exposed to both enriching personal experiences and new academic settings.


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Academic Programs International (API)

Academic Program International is committed to providing thought-provoking educational programs abroad for almost 20 years now. Its program in Asia is set in China where students may opt to be educated either in Xianda College of Economics and Humanities – Shanghai International Studies University or in Beijing Normal University. This opportunity is available only to American and Canadian parti...


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Study Abroad in Asia

ISA offers international educational programs in some of the most culturally-rich countries in Asia, particularly India, South Korea, and China. Undergraduate students may select from a wide range of programs including: Management, Chemistry, Philosophy, and much more. They will also partake in excursions as well as cultural activities in order to fully-engage in the Asian way of life.


Study Abroad with CIEE

The Council on International Educational Exchange provides an attractive option for students interested in studying abroad. Asia is a perfect environment to have an intensive and integrated experience to immerse in a specific area of study. The international academic studies program is available to all participants worldwide that are interested in Asian studies and other specialized courses in ...


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Semester at Sea - Fall/Spring Voyage: Viet Nam

Semester at Sea is a global journey that brings students face-to-face with a diversity of our world's cultures and perspectives. Every spring and fall, Semester at Sea explores up to 11 developed and emerging countries and 15 cities on a 100-day voyage. Students represent nearly 25 different countries and 250 institutions, and with the faculty, staff, and crew become a supportive and collabo...