International Scholarships for Full Degrees Abroad

The cost of college degrees varies greatly between countries, but is always worth the investment. Who doesn’t want as much financial help as possible, though? Instead of just covering a semester or dorm room, why not just go for the big fish and try to catch a scholarship for your entire studies? That way, whether it’s in your hometown or abroad, you can worry less on working overtime at a minimum-wage job and focus more on academics and extracurricular fun.

Who Qualifies for International Scholarships?

Students, future or current, apply for all sorts of scholarships. That means that you, dear scholar, are a prime candidate. Whether you are a high school senior, current college student, or a professional ready to hit the books again, there is an international scholarship with your name on it — you just need to find it and claim it!

Why Should I Apply for International Scholarships?

Who doesn’t want to minimize their tuition costs so that personal money savings can go toward supporting everyday life or a more prosperous future? There are a lot of different types of expenses involved in earning a degree, so why not take the opportunity to have some or all of them covered by a scholarship!?

International scholarships help with:

  • Paying for tuition. Tuition usually covers classes, textbooks, and some supplies. In some cases, tuition costs might also include extracurricular activities or educational excursions.
  • Finding affordable housing. Some institutions offer home stays or match you with roommates in a dorm or shared apartment. Certain scholarships specifically cover housing costs.
  • Providing transportation. Though more difficult to find, some scholarships (especially those provided through programs) will pay for airplane tickets.

Deciding to earn a degree anywhere in the world is a great adventure that extends far outside of the classroom. Be sure to check international scholarships often, keep applying, try various types of scholarship offers, and polish off all those motivational essays to get the most funding for your degree program. That way, when you check into your new home and start working towards your degree, you can focus on the adventure at hand, not your bank accounts.

What Kinds of International Scholarships for Degree Programs are Out There?

Get to know the basic types of financial aid terms, then zone in on what is most relevant to you.

  • Academic. Whether you’re an all around Einstein and aced every single math test you ever took, or you can write a killer essay that will make even the toughest international scholarship reviewer tear up, show off your GPA and class ranking for some complimentary cash.
  • Athletic. Got mad skills throwing a football or kicking a soccer ball? Get a scholarship to earn your degree and play sports for your host university.
  • Demographic. Gender, religion, ethnicity…there’s a demographic filter for you; take advantage of it.
  • Institution. It’s not uncommon to find universities have specific scholarships to attract international students to their institutions. Inquire early with your academic advisor to learn what financial aid options, including international scholarships, that you are eligible for. They will be your best resource for insight on other avenues for financial aid, too.
  • Country. Most countries have a website or organization that offers scholarships to students coming to study there. As an international student, you qualify for tuition, transportation, and accommodation financial aid. It’s worth the research.
  • Need-Based. If you’re not a millionaire, you might qualify for a need-based scholarship. Gather up the parental units’ bank statements and start filing.

When Should I Apply for International Scholarships?

Starting early with scholarship applications is key, especially when considering funding an entire degree. Begin researching and applying ahead of time, and keep at it!

Here are a few tips to keep you on the ball with your international scholarships applications:

  • Start Early. Begin the scholarship hunt at least a semester before your intended start date.
  • Mark the Calendar. Put all of your deadlines on the calendar and set alerts on your phone.
  • Aim to Finish Before the Deadline. Murphy's Law proves that you will always get sick and lose all internet connection the night before your international scholarship applications are due. Outsmart it by aiming to get everything done well ahead of the deadline (like, a week!) so that nasty surprises won’t affect you.
  • Keep Applying. Once your degree program starts, don’t stop applying for more international scholarships. You might find new ones or can toss your name in the ring again for ones you’ve applied to previously. If financing your degree abroad is a huge concern, this tactic can help keep costs down over time.

Where can I find Scholarships for Interning Abroad?

Scholarships for interning abroad may seem hard to find or simply lost amidst the sea of Google, but you’re in luck. We care SO much helping you overcome financial barriers to experience interning abroad that we’ve actually done the legwork to create a comprehensive directory of all of the internship scholarships and grants that are out there. YEAH! So, take a peek below to learn a few internship grants and scholarships, then click the “View All Internship Scholarships” button to be whisked away to a glorious list of other scholarships for unpaid internships to jumpstart your applications.

Top Degree Program Scholarships

  • Marshall Scholarships finance young Americans of high ability to study for a degree in the United Kingdom. Up to forty Scholars are selected each year to study at graduate level at an UK institution in any field of study. As future leaders, with a lasting understanding of British society, Marshall Scholars strengthen the enduring relationship between the British and American peoples, their governments and their instituti...

  • Obuchi Student Scholarships provide funding for graduate study to participate in educational and research programs at the East-West Center while pursuing a Master's degree at the University of Hawai'i, or for study in the Asia Pacific Leadership Program (APLP). Interested applicants should be residents of Okinawa, Japan, who have the intention of returning to Okinawa on completion of study, to contribute to the development ...

  • The Eccles Scholarship designed to attract international students of high calibre to pursue graduate research at the John Curtin School of Medical Research. ANU funds and administers a range of scholarships for PhD, Professional Doctorate and Master by research study. The University also administers a number of scholarships funded by the Australian Government and other sources external to the University. The University's...

  • Macquarie University's International Scholarship Program is aimed at attracting outstanding students from around the world and recognising students who have distinguished themselves academically in their specific discipline. The scholarship is highly competitive and is awarded on the basis of academic merit. Full and partial scholarships available each year for undergraduate students across all disciplines.

  • Atsumi International Scholarship Foundation (AISF) offers scholarship to Ph.D candidates enrolled in the graduate schools located in the Kanto area in Japan. All the following conditions must be satisfied. 1. A student from the world over with non-Japanese nationality who is enrolled in a graduate school in the Kanto area, and who is expecting to obtain his/her Ph.D. within the term of the AISF scholarship. This includes...

  • The School of Management offers a number of scholarships to students from anywhere in the world to help with the funding of your tuition fees. Please note that where candidates are eligible for more than one scholarship they will be offered the one of highest value.

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