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Global Volunteers pioneered short-term volunteer programs in 1984 to engage volunteers in meaningful community development projects around the world. Global Volunteers aims to promote peace and justice all over the globe. The nonprofit organization, in partnership with UNICEF, is led by experts and local leaders who develop and evaluate programs that help prepare short-term volunteers to maximize their contributions to long-term development projects in communities, especially in addressing the safety and development of children. To date, Global Volunteers has engaged over 32,000 volunteers in 34 different countries. Invest in the continuous improvement of our volunteer management and gain new volunteer learning opportunities. Become a Global Volunteer and join the movement!

Global Volunteers Programs

Volunteer in Cuba and Build a Bridge of Friendship

Cuba is well-known for a lot of things - from sugar-white beaches to Spanish-colonial architecture. If you’re interested in experiencing everything the beautiful Caribbean nation has to offer, the best method ...

South Pacific Calling! Volunteering in the Cook Islands

We have a great volunteer place for you! Provide a genuine service while learning this captivating South Pacific culture - for one to three weeks. Our NGO host partner on the main island of Rarotonga ...

Make a Genuine Difference in Vietnam as a Volunteer!

You're needed for one to two weeks as a volunteer English teacher in Hanoi! Teach lively classes of youth and young adults on University campuses and in a private secondary school. Experience this fascinating ...

Volunteer in Portugal. Incredible Chance to Teach English!

On the European continent's Iberian Peninsula, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal ascended to the status of World Power during the "Age of Discovery," -- only to lose most of its wealth through ...

Experience the Real China – As a Volunteer Teacher

With Global Volunteers, you can see China through the eyes of the Chinese people, experience everyday life in Chinese schools, homes and communities, and develop friendships with the children - in just one to ...

A Dream Volunteer Vacation - Teach in Poland!

This is service-learning at its best. Teach conversational English for one to three weeks in rural elementary and high-school classrooms in the Siedlce region, east of Warsaw and at English language camps in ...

Global Volunteers Reviews

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Volunteer Abroad

Review Rating

Dave Blesener, 54

United States

Orphanage adventure in service in Barlad, Romania

My husband Dave and I found a way to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary on an Orphanage Adventure in Service trip with our Global Volunteers team in Barlad, Romania May 19-29, 2017! Nurses at...

Review Rating

Roberta Kayne, 68


Global volunteers experience in Cuba

I went to Cuba for two weeks with Global Volunteers to tutor English and learn the Cuban culture, and I was amazed, enlightened, fulfilled, and rewarded beyond words with my experience there....

Review Rating

Cisco, 31


There are joys and challenges yet to be discovered

You never know how well your experience is until you try Global Volunteers, They are efficient at helping you through the process from inception to conception. This includes registration,...

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