GoAbroad Interview

Nikki Foley - Operations Manager

Nikki enjoys sharing advice with TEFL graduates and students based on her own experience teaching in Barcelona. With an applied languages degree on top of her TEFL certification, she has more than teaching advice to share too. A recent addition to the Premier TEFL team, Nikki manages operations.

How did you get connected with Premier TEFL?

I have always been interested in TEFL, and as I completed a TESOL qualification along with six months practical teaching in Barcelona, once I graduated I kept my eyes peeled for any jobs in the field. The company is based in the lovely seaside town of Youghal and most employees are from the town, so I was acquainted with most of my coworkers. Once a position became available my friend told me and I applied immediately as I was super interested in being a part of this amazing team. From there, I had my interview where I got to know my employer and coworkers, and thankfully a couple of days later I was offered this amazing position and I haven’t looked back since.

Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, China

Sitting on top of the world in the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai

What does a typical day of work look like for you?

Working in customer care and operations means that a typical day of work for me involves mostly dealing with customer queries their courses or their upcoming internships. Typically I spend the first portion of my day replying to emails and calling applicants who want to have a chat their applications or their upcoming internships. Secondly I work on our customers’ applications, reviewing and ensuring all the attached documents are there so their applications can be sent to our partners abroad for further review and interview arranging.

After this, Premier TEFL loves to give all of our customers are courtesy welcome call once they have signed up to one of our courses/programs, so I make these calls. They are a really lovely part of my day as our customers are always so excited to begin their TEFL journey. In between all of this, I our partners for information on our programs and do further research on travelling to each country where we provide internships, so that I can help all of our customers as best as possible with all of their queries.

How do you support TEFL students in their journey to becoming TEFL teachers?

Premier TEFL Operations Manager in Spain

Leaping into a sunny weekend in Spain

My role in helping students to becoming TEFL teachers is to answer any questions they may have while completing their course work. Having completed courses myself I find that students value my input and guidance throughout their studies.

I also support students before travelling on their internships. Most of our students taking part in these internships are first-time teachers with the travel bug, so I assist them with completing their application forms and preparing for their interviews!

What do you enjoy most your job?

The best part my job, without a doubt, is hearing the amazing stories from all of our interns past and present. They always have amazing adventures to tell us and great positive experiences. In turn, this makes me even more enthusiastic sending more teachers on TEFL journeys with Premier TEFL.

With experience teaching in Barcelona under your belt, what is the best piece of advice you have for aspiring TEFL teachers?

Since most of our applicants are first time teachers, the best piece of advice that I can give to them is to be totally confident and self-assured in their teaching abilities. As a first time teacher it is somewhat daunting entering a classroom knowing that you’ve no experience. Having completed their TEFL qualification, applicants are more than prepared for their teaching adventure and their students have no idea that it is their first time teaching, so there is no need for aspiring teachers to feel doubtful in their abilities.

What makes the Premier TEFL team one-of-a-kind when it comes to TEFL graduate assistance?

Stepping into an English learners shoes

Stepping into an English learners shoes

I think our team is one-of-a-kind in this field because combined we have many years experience in the field. Not to mention, we can pull all relevant experience from our past experiences in language learning, travel, computer learning, etc. to put ourselves in many of our students shoes and see things from their perspectives.

Why do you love working for Premier TEFL?

I love working for Premier TEFL because it provides me with the opportunity to help others travel the world while fulfilling their TEFL teaching dreams. I love that I am the person that diminishes our applicants’ stress as their departure date approaches. Travelling to a completely different country alone is totally nerve-wracking and I love that I am the person our applicants come to for reassurance that their worries are completely normal, but also nothing to actually get worried and bogged down .

What can we expect from Premier TEFL in 2018?

I think that from here on out, Premier TEFL is only going to get bigger and better. The company is continuously growing, and though I have not been working here long, I can already see the major difference between when I started and now.

We are launching a new level five course in the coming weeks, which is really exciting as it means our students will have an even better qualification upon completion of their TEFL course, so we are really looking forward to that. As well, I suspect the number of internships will continue to grow. This past week we have launched a new seven week programme in Hong Kong, and we are expecting to soar and potentially become one of our most popular programs.