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Interning Abroad in Argentina

Argentina has long been one of the most influential countries in the American continental landscape. Emerging successfully from a late 20th century fraught with political tension and regional turmoil, this nation of 43 million has since blossomed via the highest human development index in Latin America, with the third largest economy as well. Landing an internship abroad in Argentina is the opportunity to lay professional groundwork within a rising global power, perfect your Spanish language skills, and have one amazing overseas adventure.


Located on the Southern Cone of South America and bordering Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, and Uruguay clockwise from east to west, Argentina ranks in as the 8th largest country in the world by landmass, so you know you will have plenty of terrain to explore. There are several major cities with over 1 million people that can be great destinations to intern abroad in Argentina, so do your research before jumping into a decision.

As you might have guessed, the capital city of Buenos Aires is typically the first choice of many for where to land an internship abroad in Argentina. With some 13 million people living in the metropolitan area, Buenos Aires is by far the largest city in the country, and is a major nucleus of economic, political, and cultural activity in South America. Buenos Aires boasts a very diverse urban demographic, and is commonly described as the most “European” city in the Americas.

Other popular destinations where you might look to intern abroad in Argentina include such cities as Cordoba, Salta, and Mendoza. These urban areas are much smaller than the global mega-city of Buenos Aires, so are good alternative destinations for interns that are intrigued by a more localized Argentinean experience.

Internship Placements

Because it has an advanced, diversified economy, you can find internships abroad in Argentina within a wide array of professions. Some of the country’s most successful industries include agriculture, media, and a blossoming technology sector, making all these fields great places to begin a global career within through an internship abroad in Argentina.

High end services also account for a large part of the Argentine economy, meaning you might also look into internships abroad within general fields such as business and communications. For those interested in a more publicly-oriented internship abroad in Argentina, you can also try seeking out placements in such areas as international relations or health care.

There are a ton more different types of internships abroad in Argentina, ranging all the way from theater to accounting, so look into a wide variety of options so that you can find the perfect fit. Most internships will last for anywhere between three and six months, depending on your availability. Many may combine your daily work with the opportunity to earn academic credit as well, which can be a great option for those still pursuing their degrees.

Salaries & Costs

Whether or not you will be paid while you intern abroad in Argentina generally depends on the profitability of the industry you work within; however even if you are not offered a stipend, than many employers will offer to compensate you in other ways, such as providing for food, housing, and transportation.

Argentina is also a relatively affordable country to live in, especially in relation to the industrialized world. While you will still want to be careful how you spend money, the South American country is significantly less expensive than most destinations in Europe and North America, for example. The local currency is the Argentine peso, which exchanges at roughly 15 ARS to $1 USD.

Accommodation & Visas

The most popular accommodations for interns abroad in Argentina are generally apartments or homestays. Living in an apartment with roommates is a great way to meet locals and have autonomy over your own lifestyle, while a homestay can be a very rewarding immersive experience into Argentinian family life as well. Be sure to take the different housing options into account while researching different internships!

You will usually also have to obtain a visa in order to intern abroad in Argentina, though the details will vary depending on the length of your stay, home country, and whether or not you are being paid for your work. Your employer will generally guide you through this process, but for in the meantime, be sure to check out our .

Benefits & Challenges

Emerging Power. Argentina is already one of the most influential countries in the Americas, and it only sees its position in the global arena continue to grow.  Not a bad place to begin making connections with an internship abroad.

Language Immersion. The only way to truly get better at a language is to immerse yourself in an environment where it is spoken everyday. An internship abroad in Argentina is the perfect opportunity to take your Spanish fluency to the next level.

Open Terrain. Argentina is the 8th largest country in the world, but has only the 32nd largest population. Do the math, and you will discover that there is a ton of open land for wilderness lovers to explore in their free time.

Landing an internship abroad in Argentina is the opportunity to earn invaluable professional experience, perfect your Spanish, and gain a global network of s in your industry of choice – all while exploring one of the world’s most beautiful and prosperous countries. What are you waiting for?

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American and Canadian young professionals can apply for an internship position in Argentina through Cultural Vistas. Throughout the year a large number work placements are offered in Buenos Aires and Cordoba. Professional fields include Criminal Justice, Marketing, and Agriculture.


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Hone your skills while interning in Argentina through Child Family Health International. Throughout the year individuals from all over the world can partake in this incredible experience living and working in Cordoba. Internship positions include Health Sciences, Human Rights, and Food Science.


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