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A Guide to Gap Year in Australia

If you’ve been thinking where to take a gap year abroad but can’t decide where go to, let me help you out: AUSTRALIA. Get ready for stellar southern hemisphere night skies, lively city life, and miles (and miles and miles) of shoreline. Grab your sunnies and don’t leave your thongs behind—it’s time for you to find out why you *need* to do an Australia gap year!

Everything else you need to know gap years in Australia

Costs. Australia is not a cheap place to live. Food, clothing, adventures, transport—it all adds up quick. Stuff that piggy bank before you leave and start a personal FundMyTravel campaign to help get you on your gap year in Australia!

Accommodations. For the most part, gap year programs in Australia will cover accommodations. If you’re traveling around the country, expect to stay in hostels, guest lodges, or other budget accommodations. You should definitely try to do some good old fashioned camping on your Australia gap year, too. If you find work at a farm or as an au pair, you’ll get housing provided. And who knows? Maybe your kickass metropolitan job will help hook you up with a sweet city pad.

Visas. All gappers will need to get a visa to enter Australia. We repeat: All gappers will need to get a visa to enter Australia. Check with the if you need help or reach out to your gap year program helpline.

Safety. Australia is generally out of harm’s way… at least from people. There are extra precautions to take when traveling here in regards to the natural world and wildlife. As they say, almost everything in Oz is trying to kill you. 😰  Practice caution, and review guides for local snakes and insects in the place that you are traveling to. Usually you’ll be completely fine, except for if you mistake a Taipan for a harmless garter snake and are far away from medical help…

GoAbroad's Inside Scoop

Hopefully the snake tidbit didn’t scare you away from considering an Australia gap year. Let it be a metaphor though, that you grow the most as a person when you are forced to think differently. You do this by getting out of your usual routine and flying across the world to live in a foreign country for a year.

If you have your heart set on Australia, be sure to: Look up the wildlife that you are going to be living with, plan ahead and consider mailing an extra box of your things to your intended address (to avoid having to chip away at your wallet too soon), and seriously invest in a waterproof camera. You’ll be heading out on the best adventure in your life so far and will appreciate being able to look back on it in HD.

Pack your scuba gear, bring your toughest hiking boots, and keep your camera close… you’re gonna need it all when taking a gap year in Australia.

Still not convinced? Keep reading for ten reasons to fall in love with a gap year in Australia.

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A Guide To
Gap Year in Australia


 Take a Gap Year in Australia


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