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A Guide to Jewelry Design Degrees Abroad

As if going to a jewelry design college wasn't glamorous enough, just imagine earning your jewelry design degree in Rome or Vienna! Not only will you get a chance to gain inspiration from a new culture, but you’ll also learn from amazing world-class designers and meet fellow artists from all over the globe. Earning a degree abroad will prove to be a valuable asset to your career as a jewelry designer, as you build social networks and pick the brains of brilliant artists in one of the world's fashion hotspots! Let’s break down everything you need to know for how to attend jewelry design schools abroad.

Why Earn A Degree Abroad

Jewelry design is an age old craft — centuries in the making — and jewelry designers can benefit from the history and culture that radiates from the world's most established fashion centers. As you gaze upon the crown jewels in London, or experience fashion week in Paris, you are sure to feel inspired and connected to a longstanding artistic tradition. And you will have a chance to earn your degree in established jewelry design schools, shadow masters of the craft, and learn classic methods that have been perfected over generations.

When considering where to attend jewelry design college, keep in mind that certain places have artistic traditions and methods that are totally unique to that region. Some cities are famous for a specific trade with the weight of history behind it, like diamonds in London. Site visits to some of the world's most prestigious jewelry studios are invaluable and unforgettable.

International experience, a touch of culture and worldly wisdom, and a 24 karat educational experience abroad will make a dazzling addition to any resume.


When it comes to seeking out the best locations for international students to master jewelry design, some places shine just a bit more brightly than others! Each of these fashion-forward places offer spectacular degree programs, some unique inspiration, and secrets of the craft to be discovered.

Italy might be the obvious destination when considering where to earn your degree in jewelry design. This stiletto boot shaped country has been setting the course for fine art and fashion since the Renaissance when urbanites from Florence and Venice were flaunting their wealth with the latest trends in exquisite jewelry. Their reputation for all things en vogue continues to this day, and nearly every region in this country has a tradition or school of fine metalwork, glass or jewelry craft. 

Brazil is an up and coming trend-setter in the world of fine jewelry craft, which should come to no surprise when you think of Rio's colorful and glittery costumes at Carnival! You are sure to be inspired by those flashy, dazzling rainforest parrots, not to mention all of the creative people you are bound to meet in this fearlessly vibrant country.

Australia is a popular destination for international students to earn their degrees, and Australian universities offer a wide variety of courses, including jewelry design. Home to more than it’s fair-share of jewelry design schools, the laid-back lifestyle that this sunny island is known for attracts creative types from all over the world. We can’t help but be inspired by the natural beauty and rainbow colored fish in the neighborhood coral reefs!

Jewelry Design Degrees

Jewelry design degree programs will be fantastic learning experiences, with feedback and critique from professors and peers alike to help you Chanel your inner artiste. These courses will usually go much further than just design, covering materials and business aspects, with forays into the history and symbolism of one of humanity's oldest forms of art and communication. While earning your jewelry design degree abroad, you will also gain inspiration and education from visiting world famous museums and exhibits.

Most jewelry design degrees abroad will be graduate programs for students that already have some background in arts, fashion, or design and a bachelor's degree, with aspirations to specialize in jewelry design. There are also undergraduate and PhD programs available for aspiring jewelers. Who knows? You may be the next Waris Ahluwalia!

The course structure at many jewelry design schools is set up to foster creativity, providing state of the art workshops and also delving into the materials and business side of the jewelry industry. Your classes should also cover everything from the basic techniques of jewelry design to the ins and outs of the industry.

Benefits & Challenges

By earning your degree abroad in jewelry design, you will learn from the masters and take in centuries of jewelry design and fine art traditions. You will also gain a unique global perspective on style and design culture and meet fellow artists from all over the world, learning regional techniques and unique methods. By living abroad, you will be introduced to the international art world and add sterling connections to your professional network.

There is bound to be stiff competition among many talented artists at any jewelry design college— however, this could be your time to shine! Not only will you refine your artistic ability and get your creative juices flowing, but you will also get a first hand look into the complex world of the international fashion industry.

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime where you will get to learn new skills, gain inspiration from the world’s most fashionable locales, and connect with fellow artists. Go abroad for your jewelry design degree, there are golden — nay, platinum— opportunities in store!

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A Guide To
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