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Postgraduate International Fashion & Luxury Brand Management

This programme trains high-level managers for future marketing & sales director positions within the French luxury industry in an international context. This programme is based around the simulation of a market-launch marketing and communication strategy for a design project by an ESMOD student in the "Fashion Design" programme. Goals: 4th Year / International Fashion & Luxury Brand Manag...


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PCA Graduate Programs

Located in the heart of Paris, and deeply connected to the art and design professional industries in France and Europe, Paris College Of Art offers American degree programs to students from around the world. Degree programs include Master of Fine Arts (MFA) and Master of Arts (MA) in Transdisciplinary New Media, and Master of Art in Accessories Design, Fashion Design: New Materials and Techn...


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Joint Master in Economic Governance and Public Affairs

The Joint Master in Global Economic Governance and Public Affairs (GEGPA) is an International Master. Students come from worldwide and study in three different cities over the academic year: Rome-Italy, Nice-France, Berlin-Germany The Master is offered by CIFE in cooperation with the LUISS School of Government in Rome. This one-year programme is focused on how to assess, manage and enhanc...


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Executive On-Line MBA in Paris

* The online MBA program from the American Business School of Paris allows students to acquire the managerial competencies in leadership and a wide range of high level business areas: strategic marketing, finance, communications, international management, economics, and more. * The flexibility of the 100% online program allows students to earn an American diploma at the Masters level despit...

John Cabot University

Georgia Tech - Lorraine Graduate Program

Earn a prestigious graduate degree from an internationally recognized school of excellence, at Georgia Tech-Lorraine - the European campus of the Georgia Institute of Technology. Programs are offered in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Science. Aerospace Engineering majors may spend one semester at the campus. All courses are taught in English, primar...


Accelerated Engineering Degree Programme Master’s level

CentraleSupélec trains multidisciplinary engineers to become open and transversal experts, capable of innovating, leading and initiating real change. You can obtain CentraleSupélec’s engineering degree in only 2 years through “the Accelerated Engineering Degree Programme” (Master’s level)! The programme is designed for students who are currently enrolled in Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or...


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Multilingual information design & technical documentation

Our two-year French/English bilingual Masters program in technical communication and information design (‘Ingénierie de la documentation technique multilingue’, or IDTM) trains students to create effective information interfaces between users and products. As a program located in the heart of Europe, our intercultural approach allows students to develop the fundamental skills of the profession ...


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Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy

The Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy is designed to prepare its participants for careers in the fields of foreign affairs, journalism, or business. Combining a traditional approach to the study of international relations with practical training in the mechanics of contemporary diplomacy and international negotiations, the master program can be completed in two semesters o...


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Open FIESTA - AIRE Master Degree Training Program

Open FIESTA (Open Faculties for Innovation, Education, Science, Technology, and Art) is co-established by Tsinghua University and the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity at Paris. The program is located at the Graduate School at Shenzhen of Tsinghua University. By integrating gobal intelligence, the program aims to develop a leading interdisciplinary institution and a global collaborati...


European Master in Management | QS Course Finder

Are you fascinated by the international business environment and wish to study management in one of the world’s top destinations for students pursuing a Master degree? Studying a Master in Management at EMLYON Business School in France and Ludwig Maximilian Universität in Germany will probably be exactly what your career needs right now. This 2-year program will prepare you for a wide range ...