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A Guide to Degrees Abroad in Australia

Rugged natural beauty, fascinating history, friendly people, and some of the most highly regarded universities on the planet, is there any reason not to earn your degree abroad in Australia? The Land Down Under has the potential to serve up some of the best years of your life, while offering a world-class degree just to sweeten the pot of opportunity. From the vast planes of the Outback to the Great Barrier Reef, you’ll never run out of adventures during your studies in Australia.


The sixth biggest country in the world, as well as the only sovereign nation to constitute an entire continent, Australia is largely a wild and unsettled land with many urban settlements that have sprouted up along the coastal areas overtime. The population of the entire country is close to 25 million, or roughly the size of Shanghai.

Sydney is Australia’s largest and most iconic city, and thus an exceedingly popular place to earn a degree in Australia. Considered one of the ten most internationally connected cities in the world, Sydney is a melting pot of numerous cultures and languages, settled pristinely amid the largest natural harbor on the planet.  As the leading financial and commercial hub of Oceania, there is no shortage of opportunity to be tackled in the capital of New South Wales.

Melbourne is also a great place to find degree programs in Australia, and many Australians will go so far as to fervently claim its superiority over the slightly larger city of Sydney. Known widely as Australia’s cultural capital, for its great influence in media, entertainment, and the arts, Melbourne is also consistently regarded as the world’s most livable city. The beautiful architecture, efficiency of infrastructure, and upbeat pulse make Melbourne a truly enriching place to earn your degree in Australia. 

Other popular locations to earn a degree abroad in Australia include Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide. All of these cities offer great universities and degree programs, along with distinctive environments in which to immerse yourself culturally. Do your research to decide which city feels like the best fit for you and then begin your applications for degree programs in Australia!

Academics & Degrees

Australia has one of the most highly regarded education systems in the world, trailing only the United States and the United Kingdom in the amount of top 100 ranked universities. Its most highly touted academic institutions include the Australian National University, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, University of Queensland, and University of New South Wales.

These are only the tip of the iceberg, there are dozens of other great schools where international students can earn their degree abroad in Australia, at the undergraduate, masters, or doctorate level. English is the standard language of instruction across all educational institutions in Australia, making it easy for English-speaking students from all over the world to earn a degree abroad in Australia. 

Top subjects for degrees abroad in Australia span a great deal of fields and specialties, ranging from business and economics to biology to computer science, and everything in between. You will have the opportunity to pursue essentially any subject in Australia’s enormously diverse university system; students of all interests are welcome! 

Australia’s academic calendar is slightly different than most countries north of the equator, because summer break usually lasts from November to February, when the new school year begins. Many students will therefore have a mini-gap year before beginning a degree program in Australia, a great time to travel the country and surrounding regions.

Scholarships & Costs

We won’t hold back any punches, Australia is one of the most expensive countries in the world when it comes to the costs of earning a degree, and general costs of living are quite high across the nation too. Tuition will most definitely prove to be a hefty, though entirely worthy, investment for international students. The good news is that there are a ton of financial aid opportunities for students who want to earn a degree abroad in Australia, so be sure to check out GoAbroad’s Scholarships Directory before running in the opposite direction.

Accommodation & Visas

Dormitories are the standard option for most international students pursuing their degree in Australia, at least to start out with. Campus housing is a great way to network and make friends with peers from all over the world. If you make the decision to move off campus somewhere along the way, it will almost always be cheapest (and most fun) to find roommates to share a flat with.

You will have to apply for a student visa in order to attend university in Australia, though the specific type will often vary depending on what country you are coming from and how long your degree program takes. Make sure to discuss your visa options with your host university, and you can also check out GoAbroad’s for more information.

Benefits & Challenges

True Immersion. Studying abroad in Australia for a semester or full year is a great opportunity to experience Australian culture on a more familiar scale. But if you decide to earn your full degree abroad in Australia, you might just come back speaking with an Aussie accent. 

Work Hard, Play Hard. Australia is one of the most fun-filled countries in the world, with a terrific university system to boot. Between your studies and travel adventures, there will never be a dull moment while earning your degree in Australia.

Global Network. Degree programs in Australia are also a terrific opportunity to expand your friend circle and professional network to include s all over the world. If you are interested in working abroad or furthering your education abroad down the line, earning a degree abroad in Australia is a great way to start.

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A Guide To
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