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A Guide to Degrees Abroad in Asia

As large swathes of the continent continue to develop at an astounding rate, Asia has grown into quite a reputable destination for earning a degree abroad. While the continent is absolutely massive – it is home to nearly two-thirds of the world’s population and a tremendous diversity of cultures within – each new location in Asia can offer you a unique and rewarding educational experience outside of the Western world. If you are an ambitious student looking to broaden your cultural horizons in big ways, then a great adventure awaits you earning a degree abroad in Asia.


Depending on the precise boundaries you draw, there are somewhere around 50 countries in Asia. As degree abroad programs in the Middle East can be found on a separate page, we will be focusing here on potential locations mostly in eastern and southern Asia. 

In the far east, China and Japan welcome an increasing amount of international students every year into their prestigious university systems. These countries, while different from one another in most ways imaginable, are similar in that they are great world powers wielding a tremendous amount of global influence. From Tokyo to Beijing to the semi-autonomous city of Hong Kong, there are a number of highly regarded universities in China and Japan that can host your studies abroad.

In the southern regions of the continent, countries such as India, Thailand, and Singapore also boast a bevy of academic institutions with connections to degree abroad programs. Many of these, such as the National University of Singapore and Indian Institute of Science, are globally ranked and welcome foreign students with open arms.

Your options for earning a degree abroad are by no means limited to the above countries; these simply tend to be among the most popular chosen by international students earning their degree abroad in Asia. Research academic programs far and wide before deciding which feels like the perfect fit for you!

Academics & Degrees

While there are thousands of universities across Asia that offer degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels, one of the primary factors limiting accessibility will be the language barrier. Some countries, like India and Singapore, use English as the medium of education and so offer plenty of opportunity for international students. In other countries you will either have to be adept in the local language or otherwise enroll in a internationally-designed program. 

Luckily, a lot of these programs exist. Many universities in Asia partner with Western academic institutions to provide English language exchange programs for students who want to complete their studies abroad (China especially has many such arrangements). This option is usually more common at the graduate level, for the completion of a one or two year Master’s degree, but some undergraduate programs exist as well. 

Common subject areas for students pursuing a degree abroad in Asia include engineering, medicine, language studies, Asian studies, and international business. Degree abroad programs of all different types are out there, so you are not at all limited to these popular subjects. Specialized degree programs in Asia are often combined with field work and/or internship opportunities, so students can get the most out of their experience in and outside of the classroom.

Scholarships & Costs

While some countries are an exception to the rule (i.e. Japan and Singapore), for the most part you can expect general costs of living to be significantly more affordable in Asia than in the Western world. There is a great amount of internal diversity in this regard, relative to economic growth and living standards, so affordability is something to take into consideration when researching degree programs.

Anywhere you go in Asia, tuition can still be a major expense for international students. Check out GoAbroad’s scholarship directory to learn more all the available financial aid opportunities out there which can help soften the toll on your bank account!

Accommodation & Visas

Available accommodations will also vary significantly, depending on where you go and what type of program you enroll in. Student dormitories are always a popular option, and in many cases you will have the opportunity to choose from a homestay or apartment living as well. Living standards in Asia can be much different from one country to the next (or even one city to the next), so be prepared for a change!

You will generally need to apply for a student visa in order to earn your degree abroad in Asia. Your degree abroad program or host university will generally endorse you throughout this process, but in the meantime you can check out GoAbroad’s .

Benefits & Challenges

The Other ⅔. Many people from the Western world are not attuned to the fact that over 60% of the global population lives on the Asian continent. Earning your degree abroad is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself amidst this thriving mass of life and culture. 

Language Study. Learning the local language should be a priority while earning your degree abroad. Not only will it enhance your everyday interactions tenfold, it can’t help but boost your career prospects as well. 

Outside Travel. Asia is one of the more affordable regions to travel on the planet. Your hard-earned money can take you a long way here travelling before, during, and after your degree program!

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PHBS Master of Management

Located in the thriving entrepreneurial city of Shenzhen, China, and immediately adjacent to the financial hub of Hong Kong, Peking University HSBC Business school (PHBS) brings Peking University’s historical presence to the country’s south and lies at the very heart of one of the world's most promising and dynamic metropolitan areas. Few other regions in China offer a more suitable setting for...


Commercial Law (Singapore/London) 15 months LLM

The Dual LLM in Commercial Law (London and Singapore) programme provides participants with the opportunity to study commercial law in two key commercial hubs - London and Singapore. The programme aims to give students a broad overview of Asian commercial law in Singapore, after which they get the opportunity to develop their newly acquired knowledge by exploring the subject on more in-depth lev...


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School of Engineering at Asia Pacific University

Join Asia Pacific Universitys cutting-edge School of Engineering and earn your engineering degree in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our school of Engineering is our fastest growing school because it emphasizes a technology and market driven approach which greatly enhances the innovative abilities and employment prospects of our graduates. The program will also pair you with a mandatory internship in ...

John Cabot University

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International MBA in Bangkok

Complete your Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Bangkok, Thailand. Asia Exchange and Siam University work together to provide a program that utilizes the curriculum of the Universitys original distinguished MBA program, but in the English language. Students can choose from eight different areas of specialization, depending on their career objectives. The IMBA program is desi...


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Marine Science A Level Course

The Borneo Marine and Sea Turtle Conservation Project is offering a Marine Science Advanced (A) Level course that runs from fourteen to sixteen weeks. The program starts on 18 January 2016, and is offered in conjunction with the Cambridge Examination Board. This internationally recognised course is ideal for individuals interested in getting into Environmental Science or Marine Biology at t...


Study Abroad China: Mountains, Deserts, and Megacities

Engage in a semester abroad to explore this dynamic and ever-changing landscape. Dragons College Study Abroad semester in China does more than introduce the contemporary China that is seen in the country’s burgeoning cities; our program takes us deep among this country’s various demographics, allowing us to learn across disparate landscapes. Strong language curriculum and a comprehensive, inter...


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Undergraduate Degree Program

Located in a dynamic, prosperous and historic city outside of Shanghai, China, Duke Kunshan University offers students a world-class education culminating in a degree from Duke University and a degree from Duke Kunshan. With students and faculty from around the world, Duke Kunshan offers a uniquely global academic experience. The undergraduate academic program spans two continents – in Kunshan,...


BSc in Biotechnology and Food Engineering

The Biotechnology and Food Engineering program aims to train its graduates to enter both the knowledge-intensive biotechnology industry, which is continually growing world-wide, and the food industry, which is becoming more biotechnologically-oriented and undergoing renewed development due to increased involvement by huge international companies in local industries. Guangdong Technion is a r...


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Study, Research and Intern Psychology in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Study Psychology at Undergraduate and Postgraduate Level for a fraction of the cost in Europe in a Beautiful tropical island BSc (Hons) Psychology, MSc Applied Psychology, MSc Business Psychology, Pg.Diploma in CBT Diploma in General Psychology, Diploma in Child & Adolescent Psychology, Diploma in Business & Organizational Psychology, Diploma in Forensic & Criminal Psychology Psychology...


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Knowledge Must

Earn a degree in Asia. Students can complete a Bachelors, Masters, or other Post-Graduate degree in India through study abroad programs offered by Knowledge Must. Participating students can select the school which is most appropriate for their field of study; an array subject areas are available.


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Earn Your Degree at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

A premier university for globalized education, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies is an institution where students from several locations worldwide actively foster an international mindset. HUFS works with world-renowned universities and research institutes in providing students with opportunities to become internationally competitive. HUFS' student exchange program is designed to foste...