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Natalia Teichmann

Natalia Teichmann Executive Director

atalia graduated with a degree in law, but decided to turn to the social sector after graduation, where she could live a more simple and meaningful life. She spent two years working for a non-government organization, Atados, where she assisted other organizations to implement more successful volunteer programs. Through her work with Atados, Natalia acquired experience in project management for development and social businesses, which led her to her current career path, working as a consultant and entrepreneur in the volunteer tourism industry.

Articles By Natalia Teichmann

Traditional Tourism vs. Volunteer Tourism Published 03 Nov 2017

Learn once and for all which one is the best for you!Travelling to volunteer for a cause seems like an excellent idea for anyone, right? Who wouldn’t want to experience new cultures, feel useful, and grow as a person. Not to mention, you can also save ...