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Carter Brown

Carter Brown

“Distance and difference are the secret tonic of creativity. When we get home, home is the same. But something in our mind has been changed, and that changes everything.” - Jonah Lehrer

Carter can typically be found in Paris, where he's a professor, freelance writer, and student of public health. Sometimes he's at the pool swimming or commuting by bike. Previously, he lived in India and after, the Philippines, where he collaborated with GoAbroad's content team. One thing's certain, wherever he's at, he'll take a coffee and a few photos.

Articles By Carter Brown

Paying for Internships Abroad: Your New How-To Guide Published 01 Feb 2018

Like your dad, your econ professor, and political pundits always like to remind us: there’s no such thing as free lunch. And, even though you’ve chosen the (in some circles) more practical option of an internship abroad vs. traditional study abroad, on...

15 Little-Known Study Abroad Fundraising Ideas Published 11 Dec 2017

Studying abroad: doing yourself a massive favor and increasing your cultural and academic competencies in a foreign environment. #Boom. When you decide to temporarily step away from your comfort zone, your daily flow, that routine of stress, and instea...

Top 4 Reasons to Study in Germany Published 20 Feb 2014

Why study abroad in high school? Four years. Often four years in the same building. Same classmates, same teachers. Same school-lunch menu for four years: it's high school. Though some let these four years be the best of their lives, others take advant...

Bathroom Etiquette: The Need to Know, When You Need to Go Published 07 Oct 2013

The toilet, comfort room, lavatory, water closet -- with many names but a single meaning, bathroom etiquette varies around the world. Though many find it to be an uncomfortable topic, it's something all travelers should be aware of; do they use toilet ...