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We all know that the French are very proud of their language, to say the least. Anyone who has made the mistake of speaking English to a French person will tell you with enthusiasm to learn how to parle français. If you’re going to put in the effort to learn a little (or a lot) of French, why not jump on this French-pride bandwagon and learn right from the heart of the language? That’s right, we’re talking learn French in France. 

Overhead view of France

Oui, je peux parle beaucoup de français. The words will roll out of your tongue while you learn French in France! 🇫🇷

France is one of the larger countries in Europe, making it difficult to narrow down where exactly is best to enroll in French language courses. Even if you only have a week or two to learn more than oui, there are tons of programs and courses to get you where you want to be. You can find your next great aventure and study French language in France with one of these 14 amazing language programs today!

The benefits of learning French in a French-speaking country are numerous. After all, the absolute best way to learn a language is to do it directly in a place that speaks that language. Seems pretty obvious, right? Immersion works because when you’re surrounded by the language, all your brain can do it absorb it and expand without you having to do anything. Why spend your time memorizing vocab flashcards when you can just exist in a new culture instead? We promise that you’ll learn way more French by living in-country and attending language school in France for even a short amount of time than you would by sitting in a classroom for years!

Not sure where to study French in France? Here are the best French courses in France for 2018-2019, broken down by popular locations (Paris, Lyon, and more!), common timelines (we 💗 summer French immersion programs), as well as a few awesome French immersion programs for adults (why do the kids get to have all the fun?!). 

French immersion programs in France 

1. LanguagesAbroad 

One of the leaders of language study abroad, LanguagesAbroad offers some of the best French courses in France and amazing immersion opportunities. Study in one city for as long as you want, or sign up for a flexible travel program and spend three months in three different cities! For those looking for total immersion, you have the option to live with your professional French teacher and learn even more outside of the classroom!

2. IES Abroad

One of the best full immersion programs in France, IES Abroad offers semester or academic year programs in Nantes. IES has been immersing students into Nantes’ culture and language for over 50 years, and with the lack of tourism and English-speakers in this region, your French is sure to improve very quickly! Four college-level semesters of French are required to participate in this program, so that should give you an idea of how serious they are immersion!

French bakery

Put on your beret, head off to a bakery, and order those croissants (practice makes perfect). 🥐


Become immersed in France’s third-largest city with University Studies Abroad Consortium! USAC’s program in Lyon is French language-intensive and offers classes through the Université Lumière Lyon 2. Enjoy being based in a midpoint between the Alps and the French Riviera with included excursions to Bourgogne and Annecy. Definitely makes you want to come study French in France over anywhere else!

4. CISabroad

Doesn’t the idea of picking up a romantic language in a warm, Mediterranean climate sound absolutely...je ne sais quoi? Come immerse yourself in the true collegetown of Aix-en-Provence! Students who enroll in CISAbroad’s French immersion program will have full-immersion French studies as well as a homestay, excursions to Nice, Les Baux, Le Luberon, and Fontaine de Vaucluse, and have opportunities to volunteer in the local community. The best way to learn more French is to work alongside locals while surrounded by breathtaking scenery and sites steeped in history!

Best French courses in France for adults 

5. Actilangue

Do you dream of relaxing on the beach while learning a new language? Actilangue has got you covered! Come to the French Riviera to learn French in France and participate in exciting cultural and social excursions. Actilangue offers everything from beginner classes to intensive programs, and accommodations ranging from hotels to homestays.

Pigeons in front of the eiffel tower

L’amour is everywhere.

6. Nacel International

Head to bustling Paris for language school in France! Anyone over the age of 16 is welcome to enroll in Nacel’s French classes that can last from one week to however long you want. Their school is very centrally-located, making it easy to integrate into the Parisian life and learn even more French outside of the classroom!

7. Jobs and Internships Abroad

Despite the name, this provider doesn’t just offer jobs and internships! Come enroll in some of the best French language schools in Paris, Nice, or Montpellier! Open to students and adults alike, this program can be as immersive or secluded as you’d like, with homestay and cultural excursion options for those who want them. Whether you’re looking to just take a few French classes or you would like a full immersion experience, they’ve got you covered!

French language classes in France

8. Accent Français

Can’t make up your mind where to learn French in France? Thanks to Accent Français, you don’t have to! Spend two weeks touring Rouen, the birthplace of Impressionism, and then spend another two weeks enrolled in French language courses in sunny Montpellier. All students over the age of 16 are welcome to participate in this language and travel program, so head abroad with Accent Français to get a wonderful taste of France!

9. Center for Study Abroad

Looking to really make your own program to study French language in France? Use the Center for Study Abroad! Known for being a budget language school, you pay for exactly what you need and have pretty much total flexibility. With classes open anytime of year and for any duration, PLUS getting to pick between eight different awesome locations, this program is seriously what you make of it!

Moulin Rouge building

Immerse into the language by catching up on some French films! (Sounds like a rough life doesn’t it?)

10. Ecole des Trois Ponts 

Only the best French language schools include food, right? Come to the capital of French gastronomy to enroll in French language courses and taste your way through your vocab! Language classes are available to all levels and come with daily meals prepared by their in-house chef. You can also combine French language classes with cooking and pastry classes or even countryside walking classes. Sign us up!

French immersion summer programs 

11. Greenheart Travel 

Spend this summer in Paris or Arcachon learning French at a teen summer French immersion camp! Both camp options provide a full language immersion opportunity with standard classroom time and unique excursions. You can even combine both locations and really immerse yourself in the French language and culture! This camp is open to students ages 14-17 and can be customized to be 2-6 weeks long.

12. Edu-Culture Immersion

Want to get away from city life and spend a summer somewhere more unique? Head to the French Alps this summer for some full language immersion! Open to high school students, you will live with a host family with teenage children, who will only speak French to you. The Alpine town of Gap is not a touristy location, so you are sure to have an authentic experience while surrounded by super unique and memorable sites!

Action figure standing on top of Paris on map

The language, the views, the food? It doesn’t get better than learning French in France! #VivaLaFrance 🇫🇷

13. Passport pour les Langues

Why stop at one French speaker when you can get the whole family on board? Spend a summer with your family in scenic Cannes! From age 6 up to adult, all types of French language learners are welcome at this summer program on the Mediterranean Coast for 1-8 weeks. Even if you don’t have kids, just adults are welcome at this program, too! 

14. Institut de Langue et de Culture Française 

Known more as ILCF, this program offered through the Catholic University of Paris is located in the heart of Paris on a mid-sized university campus. Open to students age 18+, ILCF offers everything from casual French to professional and skill set-based French. Perfect for those who are looking to get a leg-up in their careers or just pick up a fun skill!

C’est le temps to learn French in France!

When it comes to learning French, there is no better place to go than right to the source: France, of course! While there’s nothing wrong with studying in a more unique place like the French Caribbean or Africa, if you want to learn true French, there’s no question that France is the place to be. Now that you know exactly where to study French in France, be sure to utilize our free tools like to help you find the best French language schools, and then take off to enjoy la vie en France!

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