These 11 Temporary Jobs Abroad Will Have You Booking Flights ASAP

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Afraid to you might be moving back into mom and dad’s place this summer? Tired of mowing their lawn or weeding the garden to pay for your rent? Have you had enough of sharing that bunk bed with your little brother? Maybe your plan is to stay at school where the summer’s become a ghost town. Desolate. Whatever your motivation, let go of those fears and consider a temporary job abroad.

Arts and crafts at school

Temporary teaching jobs abroad are longtime favorites of short term expats.

Jobs abroad are an excellent way to earn money. And while there are clearly financial benefits, it’s also a chance to buff your work experience by trying something new. The job search and application process will most likely be a bit different from that job you had in high school. Oh, and others might not be so keen on your desire to get out of dodge. With a little preparation and determination, you can surely find something to suit your fancy. 

We often travel for vacation. #Wheelsup as we’re heading to paradise for some fun in

the sun. Or perhaps the snow. That selfie-stick ready like it has never been before. But, what if that international flight was for work? For more than seven days. With the idea of earning some cash while immersing yourself in a new culture. Here’s an idea: combine your need of earning an income with your desire to travel. Et voila! A temporary job overseas might just be your perfect remedy.

Some people turn a seasonal jobs abroad into their careers. You never know who you might meet along the way. C’mon, give business traveler a whole new meaning.

Short term work abroad FAQs

Can I really find paid short term work abroad?

Hold that train. Or plane. Can I really find paid short-term work abroad? Hell yeah you can! Temporary work abroad is a stellar way to end one chapter and begin a new one. Temporary overseas jobs are perfect for college students looking for adventure with summer jobs abroad or life-long wanderers who are looking to travel, but don’t have the trust fund to pay for it. 

Notice all those “Help Wanted” signs around the holidays back home? The same applies around the world. Organizations (particularly in hospitality and tourism) are always looking to fill temp jobs abroad. While you might not find those international help wanted signs walking into the grocery store, you will certainly find them with short term work abroad programs. These work abroad programs are a great bridge between you and that summer dream job. Organizations help assist with the legality of working abroad and help ensure a smooth transition to your summer endeavors away from mom and dad’s place. 

You can also find open temporary international jobs through social media pages and expat networks. Checking directly on an organization’s website isn’t a bad idea either. These are useful tools that can help you find the best fit for what you want to do and where you want to do it. Bada bing, bada boom!

Girl throwing hula hoop

This little girl’s smile has us basically obsessed with temporary nanny jobs abroad.

What are popular short term jobs abroad?

The most popular short term jobs or placements are found in hospitality and tourism. Many exciting destinations have a huge influx of tourism during peak seasons and often the local communities cannot accommodate the needs of the international market. This is where and why you are needed! It’s not all tourism though. 

  • Become an au pair. Many families seek English mother tongue nannies to help out with the kids during the school year and even sometimes during the summer too. Overseas Nanny Jobs are the New Black, trust us on this one. A temporary nanny job abroad a fine way to experience the the intimacies of a foreign culture while putting some of that cash in your pocket. Schools often seek those native tongues to support their English language curriculums. 
  • Teach English abroad short term. I’m sure you know or have heard of someone that took a gap year to teach English abroad. Temporary teaching jobs abroad offer competitive salaries and often include your airfare. Read these 13 things that you need to know while preparing to teach abroad. 
  • Build stuff. Manual labor jobs are tried and true temporary jobs abroad. And if you happen to be qualified, there are even short term carpentry jobs abroad—you know who you are. Check out to construction jobs abroad.
  • Entertain your adventurous side with exciting short-term contract jobs abroad. If you can do it at home, odds are you can do it abroad. Why not indulge in a change of scenery?

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So… what’s the catch with temporary jobs abroad?

While it’s mostly rainbows and butterflies abroad, there are some tricks to the trade. What I’m trying to say is that you might encounter some obstacles when looking for your new post. It’s normal. That pot of gold you’re after is hidden oh-so-well. Visas can be tricky, you’re fighting with a world of adventurers for a few choice positions, and if you’re looking for long term financial stability and quiet 9-to-5 in an office you might want to look elsewhere. 

  • VISAS. Chances are you might be working on a visa. Be careful with that. You will often have limited working rights while on a working visa. And mind your p’s and q’s while keeping yourself within the law—not every nation welcomes international workers with open arms. For this reason alone, many opt to obtain their employment pass through an agency that facilitates the visa and right-to-work process.
  • IT’S COMPETITIVE. These temporary jobs abroad can be competitive! Who doesn’t want to work in the French Alps over the winter months? Or, on a Greek Island throughout the summer, lost in the Mediterranean? You’re up against the international market here. And you might not have any inside connections to put in a good word. Luckily you’re a diamond in the rough and shouldn’t have any problems though. Many folks find it easier to go through an employment agency that can assist with the (sometimes tricky) bureaucratic shenanigans.
  • PAY ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . You might just be working under the table abroad. Cash. In. Hand. That’s okay too. And what making it rain? While some jobs pay exceptionally well, many are low paid. But it’s not the end of the world, there’s often a trade-off. Think how you will sharpen your cultural knowledge and enhance your work experience. Many foreign workers abroad have the opportunity to enhance foreign language skills while on the clock. Leave the umbrella behind.
Girl holding berries

Summer jobs abroad as a fruit-picker will make your Insta-game strong.

Is it easy to find SUMMER jobs abroad?

Well, easy is relative. But trust us on this one. Summer jobs abroad are often much easier to obtain and generally require very little commitment. Think it: it’s the peak season for tourism jobs and think of all the summer camps looking for you. That being said, they are competitive! These jobs might require more of an advanced search to find what you are really looking for. Students looking to live anywhere but mom and dad’s place often find themselves scouring international job boards. Short term summer work abroad is a sure-fire way gain the inside scoop on a foreign culture and way of life. 

Say adios to your amigos for the summer. Working abroad is an overall awesome way to spend your summer.  But, you can always fall back on a winter gig. ;-)

Our 11 favorite temporary jobs abroad hiring RN

Our favorite jobs abroad are those that give us flexibility and a handsome cash flow. Teaching positions and adventure gigs are what we’re into. 

knowledge must logo

1. Teach with Knowledge Must in China

China is a fascinating place. There is so much going on and it’s development is skyrocketing. Why not skyrocket your career too? Working in China is bound to be a dynamic experience and a surefire way to enhance your professional skills. Check out the opportunities at Knowledge Must if you’re contemplating China.

EA logo

2. Hit the Slopes with EA Ski & Snowboard in Japan

Consider the mountains in Japan with an instructor internship at a world-class resort. No experience necessary. Adventurous attitudes required. This program offers novices instructor training that is recognised by resorts worldwide. Discover the ornate Japanese culture beyond the typical tourist destinations. Hit the mountains, man.

Skier in Colorado

Ski resorts host some of our favorite seasonal jobs abroad

Stint ireland logo

3. Work Wherever with Stint Ireland

Consider an Irish working holiday based in Dublin! This particular visa is valid for up to two years giving participants a hefty amount of time to discover their surroundings. From retail to cafes, pubs to professional offices, there are a plethora of possible job opportunities. Stint has working partnerships with various companies based in Dublin giving participants more competitive positions. Why not Ireland?

teach away logo

4. Teach Away’s Short Term Teach in Brazil Program

Discover over 9,000 kilometers of beaches while catch up on South American culture. Brazil’s multicultural atmosphere is warm and inviting. It’s also a country where you have the mountains, the sea, and rainforests. This gig is located in Brasilia, the metropolitan capital of Brazil, where foreign teachers are typically paired with a Brazilian counterpart.

hostel bay logo

5. Experience Greek Hospitality with Student & Travellers Inn in Greece

Check out Athens this summer working for an international backpackers hostel. This sweet summer gig is located in the heart of the city and has more than 30 years of experience.  Applicants have the choice between four different positions within the company and all training is provided free of charge. The bonus? Breakfast and accommodation are included.

camp europe logo

6. Lead Others into the Outdoors with Camp Europe in Germany

"And at the end of the days your hair should be messy, your feet dirty and your eyes sparkling,” said one former participant. Does this sound like your jam? If so, consider this six month experiential learning program to change your life with temporary nanny jobs abroad. Job placements upon successful completion of the diploma course vary depending on your interests. Consider this unique European opportunity!

interexchange logo

7. Work with Children with Interexchange in France

Experience the rich history and culture of France while living with a host family. Many internationals opt for temporary jobs in Europe as a childcare provider, or more locally known as an au pair. This particular program is only open to U.S. citizens. Placements include the country’s charming capital and more rural locales in the mountains or near the sea. Enjoy living rent-free in France!

smaller earth logo

8. Get into Adventure Tourism with Smaller Earth in Australia

Australia is loved by foreigners looking for work abroad. With competitive salaries, Australia is the place where one can stash away some cash. Smaller Earth offers a simple segue towards a career in adventure tourism. The program starts in Sydney and then ventures into the outback. This program will cost you a little dough to begin with but you will then have access to a variety of well-paid positions. Check out their site to see everything that is arranged for you. And the bonus? Participants can work anywhere in Australia for up to 12 months with a working holiday visa. This temporary international job is a bit less temporary than most!

Pure Exploration logo

9. Be a Travel Guide with Pure Exploration in New Zealand

Calling all adventourist! This experience among the Kiwi’s is something to look into. Become an adventure guide with after 12 weeks of training.This consists of an 8-week adventure guide training program followed by a 4-week work experience and assessment module. Upon successful completion of training, participants are offered a three month paid opportunity.

greenheart travel logo

10. Teach with Greenheart in South Korea

This organization provides competitive salaries and free housing. And these aren’t the only perks to English in South Korea. Temporary teaching jobs abroad are known for their high value, and this opportunity with Greenheart isn’t an exception. Many people opt for Asia to teach abroad. Check out our for more. 

ea logo

11. Become a Ski or Snowboard Instructor with Northstar Tahoe in the United States

Gain work experience as a paid instructor while hitting the slopes in northern California. With Northstar, employees have the opportunity to earn an internationally recognised qualification. Change your office view with life in the mountains. Northstar provides initial housing. And visa support. With guaranteed job placement. You in mate? 

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Next steps to moving overseas & finding temporary jobs abroad

Girl looking cool next to car in Israel

Your next stop? Super fly—yet temporary—international jobs.

It’s time that you consider your options and make a decision! Though a short summer stint abroad may seem like a drop in the bucket, there’s much to gain from international work experience. Choosing a work abroad program isn't as hard as it sounds, especially if you follow these steps:

  • Decide where to go. Figuring out where YOU should work abroad is paramount. Have a short list of locations that sound ideal for your goals. Don't let your experience (or lack thereof!) hold you back—choose a place that's right for you.
  • Pick your job. Do some reflection on what skills and knowledge you bring to the table, and which type of company or organization—and role within—would best benefit from your time and energy.
  • Choose from the best work abroad programs in the world. Pay attention to past participants’ reviews, program/university reputation, location, and how the project's needs match your skills. Some programs may even share info for ambassadors or past participants if you want the REAL dirt. Here are more considerations to make as you figure out how to choose the right job program for you. Pro tip: You can use MyGoAbroad to compare programs side-by-side.
  • Plan your finances.  Sort out funding before you go to afford daily essentials and splurge on travel (in addition to program costs and airfare). Be sure to raise a little extra money to donate to the organization that you'll be working with. Learning how to save for jobs abroad is essential prior to your travels!
  • Get prepared! Preparing to work and move abroad is as fun as it sounds. With the days til departure number dwindling and your excitement boiling, it can be easy to overlook the details. Lean on us to help guide you through your pre-departure process—that's what we're here for.

Get a little introspective and decide what you want to do. With the help of our resources take the lead and make something happen. You know what you’re capable of.

Short & sweet 

Finding short term contract jobs abroad can be a tremendous way to get ahead of the game or take a much-needed break from your day-to-day grind. Whatever your reason, now’s the time to make a move. There are oh-so-many choices to choose from. Pick yours. And book your flight ASAP!

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