7 Au Pair Jobs to Keep You Exploring (and from Going Broke)

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Fund your wanderlust by working au pair jobs abroad

There may not be much uncharted territory left on a map, but there are definitely blank spots left on your map that are dying to be filled in and experienced from your point of view. Because that’s what modern explorers do! Modern explorers do more than merely visit some unseen place. Modern explorers look inward to explore the unmapped terrain on a deeper, more intimate level.

The best way to explore a place from the inside is by landing au pair jobs abroad. Au pair literally means “on equal footing”—so you won’t be an outsider looking in, but treated as part of the family. Amongst all the amazing benefits, like free room and board AND getting paid, also means you’ll have ample time to get out and go explore.

kid with ice  cream cone
Look at your new BFF!

What do au pair jobs entail? 

An au pair wears many hats: part teacher, part sibling, part cook, part nanny, part SUPER AMAZING AWESOME HUMAN. Au pairs spend their days fulfilling a variety of roles centered on helping their host family thrive and grow. 

An au pair work is multi-faceted and will vary somewhat depending on a family’s needs and your skills. Au pairs take on many responsibilities to help with a broad range of childcare needs with details specific to each and every family. Because au pairs provide live-in childcare, they are much more than just a babysitter and far cooler than a nanny. Au pairs offer greater flexibility and an extra layer of support to their host family.

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7 au pair jobs hiring right now

So if you’re ready to strap on that Babybjörn and au pair abroad, check out the top au pair jobs abroad for modern explorers:

1. Au Pair in China with ImmerQi 

Get a close-up look at Chinese culture when you score an au pair job abroad with a local Chinese family. Au pairs get the chance to explore historical sites like the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City, experience amazing food, and learn to speak Mandarin like a local! 

Great wall of china

Au pair jobs in China will meet all your expectations and dim sum.

Pros: As China becomes a frontrunner in the global economy, your au pair job experience in China will have future employers drooling over your resume. 

Cons: This is not a job to take on whim. China is just a liiittle bit on the strict side, but this program keeps you out of hot water by ensuring you complete required language and early childhood courses, as well as an in-depth Chinese laws and customs orientation. 

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2. Au Pair in Ireland with Stint Ireland

Slide out from under the pressure and expectations of following the “normal” way of life and land an au pair job abroad in Ireland! Discover a beautiful country, where majestic cliffs, crisp pints, and adventures a-plenty are just around the corner. 

Brown sheep and white lamb on the cliffs of Moher in Ireland

Don’t be sheepish au pair jobs in Ireland. We know you’re looking for Moher!

Pros: You'll be part of a vibrant community of other au pairs and expats that take part in regular socials outings, complete with fun and shenanigans.

Cons: Ireland’s lush, green landscape is due to—yup, you guessed it—a lot of rain. Pack your wellies for splashing around in puddles with your new posse. 

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3. Au Pair in Spain with Instituto Hemingway 

Spain is known for it’s sunny climate, world-class beaches, and lively social scene. Needless to say, au pairing in Spain will allow you to enjoy a lifestyle few places in the world can match. 

Illa Roja, Spain, person doing backflip off cliffside with people swimming in the blue water and lying out on the beach

Spend your summer splishing and a’splashing with au pair summer jobs in Spain.

Pros: With au pair summer jobs, you may also be asked to join the family on their vacation. Hello Costa del Sol! 

Cons: If you took Spanish in high school, you probably know that Spanish in Spain is a little different than what your profesor was teaching. The dialect and accent might throw you at first, but you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

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4. Au Pair in New Zealand with BUNAC

Middle Earth may be a fantasy, but New Zealand certainly isn’t. People flock to New Zealand because of its devastatingly beautiful landscapes, but it’s also a stellar destination to find an au pair job abroad. 

Hobbiton movie set, blue door to hobbit house, New Zealand

Au pair jobs in New Zealand are sweet as, and will probably include second breakfast AND elevensies.

Pros: New Zealand is the adventure capital of the world and a flat out paradise for modern explorers like you. 

Cons: There’s so much to get out and do and explore, so your patience may be tested when you’re limited to kid-friendly adventures.

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5. Au Pair in Germany with Cultural Homestay International 

From stunning castles to fairy tale worthy scenery, Germany is a cultural gem. It’s an ideal destination for au pair jobs in Europe. When you attain an au pair job in Germany, you will get to experience the country in a way most tourists only dream of. 

Sunset on Brandenburg gate

Germany is the pinnacle of au pair jobs in Europe.

Pros: Working in Germany is the ultimate resume booster, networking tool, and life-lesson in what it means to be a true professional.

Cons: For such a punctual, organized, thorough, and professional bunch, one can hardly be surprised to find out that Germans believe rules, regulations, and laws are meant to be followed. So take the time to learn the expectations and then abide by them. 

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6. Au Pair in Australia with InterExchange

 Au pairing down under will be sweet as mate! Enjoy the laid back vibes and never ending beach days as you bond with your host family and be a positive presence in the lives of children. 

Twelve Apostles, Princetown, Australia

You’ll really develop a taste for Tim Tams as an au pair in Australia.

Pros: Listening to adorable Aussie kid’s accents never gets old. 

Cons: So you thought you were getting off easy choosing an au pair job in a country that speaks English? Well, Aussie slang may as well be a different language, but your new family will be keen as to teach you the lingo. 

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7. Au Pair in France with GeoVisions 

France is one of the most desirable places in the world to work abroad as an expat. It’s one of the world’s wealthiest countries with a very high standard of living. This is where au pairing all started! 

Paris, France, rooftops and the eiffel tower

Au pair jobs in France are the sweetest—if you can baguette.

Pros: This is your chance to explore and discover the inspiring beauty of France without ending up broke! 

Cons: If your dreams au pair jobs in France are a primarily romantic notion, don’t let this set you up for disappointment. Be sure to manage your expectations of what life will be like as an au pair. 

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How to become an au pair

If you have experience with children, can commit to an extended period of time, and are a native English speaker, you’ll easily find an au pair job abroad and merge wanderlust with work. Families usually begin their searches for au pairs well in advance, so start putting yourself out there and researching six months prior to when you hope to leave.

Additional resources to find au pair jobs: 

We all decided that you’ll make quite the au pair...

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Give au pair jobs abroad a shot!

Au pairs are an extraordinary breed of modern explorer that have figured out how to get paid to travel the world in exchange for a meaningful opportunity to help shape, grow, and educate young children into becoming more rounded individuals. Talk a rewarding way to spend your time! When you become an au pair, not only will you have an impact on your host family, they will certainly have a part in shaping, growing, and educating you as well.