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There’s nothing quite like interning Down Under, where the Outback and the Great Barrier Reef draw up exotic imagery of a land far away, while steep skyscrapers attest to a booming economy. Long home to indigenous communities, and once an outpost of British exiles, today’s Australia internships are anything but exile.

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Make Steve Irwin proud with an internship down unda’ 🇦🇺

Venture to the bottom of the world, bulk up your resume, and step up your #quokkaselfie game with Australian internships for international students. You won’t be sorry!

The benefits of Australia internships ☀️🌆🐨

Australian internships for international students are as diverse as they are beneficial. Want to learn a new trade? High five a kangaroo? Revel in the magic of the Great Barrier Reef? Make your resume sparkle with some international experience? All of this and more can be yours when you decide to pursue Sydney Australia internships.

A relatively new country on the global stage, the Australian economy is thriving, creating a cornucopia of Australia internship opportunities. Australian internships for international students offer college credit and top-notch professional experience. Sydney Australia internships will also teach you to adapt to different work cultures and diverse personalities - skills that are critical to success in professional life, wherever you end up long-term.

Australia is ideal for interns looking for a touch of the exotic without the usual complication of language barriers. Dedicate an arvo (afternoon) to brushing up your Aussie slang, and you’ll be ready to wander into any ol’ Woop Woop (one-horse town) and get yourself a coldie (cold beverage) without standing out like a shag on a rock (sore thumb). Easy, breezy!

Most popular cities for internships in Australia

Though it’s predominantly rural, Australia is world-renowned for its city life. Take advantage of Sydney Australia internships, or check out other popular destinations like Melbourne and Brisbane. Each city has a unique vibe, so don’t be shy exploring more than one!


The stunning Sydney Opera House and surrounding harbor set a beautiful scene for internships in Sydney Australia. Contrary to popular belief, Sydney is not the capital, but it is a great destination for paid internships abroad in Australia in business and hospitality. The city is host to year-round festivals and cultural events, so interns will have plenty to keep busy after hours during Sydney Australia internships, when they’re not lounging at Bondi Beach.

Pros: Opportunities in every industry, internships with major international companies

Cons: High cost of living, traffic

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P Sherman 42. Wallaby Way Sydney #Neverforget


A hipster and avo toast dreamland, Melbourne proudly wears its title as Australia’s sports and culture capital. Teaming with students and young professionals, there’s never a dull moment in Victoria’s stylish whirlwind of festivals, artistic productions, and sporting events. The city’s cutting-edge culinary creations do not disappoint. Melbourne is a unanimous crowd favorite among international city connoisseurs for a reason, which you’ll no doubt discover for yourself if you can lock paid internships abroad in Australia. 

Pros: Thriving nightlife, endless cultural activities, great public transit, avo toast

Cons: High cost of living, competitive internship opportunities

Recommended programs:

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Want to beat the crowds lining up for Sydney Australia internships? Alternatively known as “Brisvegas” and “Brizzie”, this buzzing urban hub is ideally located in the heart of Australia’s Gold Coast. Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from renowned surfing destinations like Byron Bay and Surfers Paradise, the beach beckons on weekends. During the week, interns will find ample opportunities to buff up their resumes in Brisbane’s fastest growing urban economy.

Pros: Beach access, warmer weather, up-and-coming business environment

Cons: Humidity, industrial architecture

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Other areas

While internships in Sydney Australia – as well as Melbourne and Brisbane – get the most coverage, Australia is a huge continent with plenty of options beyond these three glimmering cities. For students interested in politics, the Aussie capital of Canberra makes an ideal internship destination. If you want to get out in the boondocks, internships in Perth put you closer to Indonesia than the closest major Australian city. Not a city slick? Get in touch with your inner Tasmanian devil with internships in Tasmania or venture to the beautiful Whitsundays.

Most popular internship fields for international students in Australia

City buildings near beach shore in Australia

Bada$$ intern by day, professional surfer by night? You’d be living the dream. 📈🏄

Australia is a top destination for international experiences across the board and it’s always been particularly welcoming to international students. Check out these internships for international students and embark on your own adventure down under. 

Marketing, Advertising, and PR

Put your sales skills to the test with Australia internships in Marketing, Advertising, and PR. Learn how to create engaging content and pull in hot leads in an international context, and take your Aussie slang game to the next level with local advertising. Australian cities are home to some of the world’s top marketing, advertising and PR firms, so being at the bottom of the world won’t put you off the map.

Pros: Internship opportunities with global industry leaders

Cons: Adapting to a new national market

Recommended programs:

  • IES Internships - Summer Internships in Sydney Australia. Read reviews 
  • Boston University: Sydney Summer Internship Program. Read reviews 

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Tourism is a huge industry in Australia, and not just because of the kangaroos. If you’re passionate Australian internships for international students, there’s a good chance you’re also pretty pumped touring the country. Interning in tourism is the double-whammy: get paid and gain professional experience while traveling around Australia! Sounds too good to be true, but it’s the real deal.

Pros: Touring the country counts as “work”

Cons: Steep competition for internships, limited paid opportunities

Recommended programs:

  • Arranging Internships in Australia for over 10 years! Read reviews
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There’s no better way to immerse yourself in Australian culture than to go stargazing in the outback. 🚐🌠

International Trade

Given its abundant natural resources and extensive coastline, it should come as no surprise that Australia has long been a major hub of international trade. Bustling harbors carry goods in and out of the country everyday, loaded onto cargo ships destined from Bali and Belize and everywhere in between. For those interested in a career in international trade, Sydney Australia internships are unparalleled. 

Pros: Unique geographical perspective, internship opportunities with industry leaders

Cons: Long work hours, complex legal regulations

Recommended programs:

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Get a feel for the Aussie sun on your skin and learn agricultural practices in one of the world’s most unique ecosystems. During an Australia internship in agriculture you can expect to learn farm management, local wildlife, and agricultural production. You could also end up helping with sales at local markets or liaising with distributors, especially if you’re interested in the more business-y side of things. In any case, don’t forget to wear heaps of sunscreen to protect against that Southern Hemisphere sun!

Pros: Working outdoors, fresh meals, accommodation provisions

Cons: Farmer’s tan, long hours, manual labor

Recommended programs:

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Other things for you to consider before interning in Australia

Hold your horses, there! You’ve got a few more things to take into account before packing your bags for the Outback. Like...

Where can I find paid internships abroad in Australia?

If you’re looking to get paid, you’re not wrong. Australia offers both paid and unpaid internships. Depending on the industry, paid internships abroad in Australia are generally more competitive. Don’t let that deter you from throwing your resume in the pot, though! 

The country’s minimum wage is one of the highest in the world, so if you manage to snag paid Sydney Australia internships, compensation is generous. Bear in mind that cost of living in Australia, especially in major cities like Melbourne and Sydney, can be very expensive. If you’re taking an unpaid internship, look into scholarship opportunities for interns or consider starting a FundMyTravel campaign to make sure you have your financial bases are covered.

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Let’s just say you’ll be over-koala-fied when you return from your internship. 🐨

How long should I intern for?

How long Australian internships for international students last depends on your schedule, career goals, and budget. Interning offers critical professional experience for students just starting their careers, and in this regard the longer your internship is, the better. Two-week internships in Sydney Australia will add a bit of color to your resume, but most companies are looking for more long-term experience. Three to six months is a good baseline to build up your resume. If, on the other hand, you’re mainly looking for an excuse to travel to Australia and learn new skills while you’re at it, short-term Australia internships are fun as, and get you Down Under.

Are there visa regulations I should know ?

Nationals of most countries will need a visa to intern in Australia. If you apply in advance, companies or program providers usually offer assistance in acquiring your visa. Student visas and work holiday visas are common options for Australia internships. For paid internships abroad in Australia you’ll need a work visa. Check in with or ask your program provider the visa scheme that best suits your situation. Be aware that most visas will require you to apply in advance online and include limitations for how long you can work for one employer.

Be aware of seasons and work culture differences

With its cheerful kangaroos and surfer-esque slang, Australia can seem deceptively easy, but you’d be wrong to write off the country’s cultural nuance. A wild continent on the bottom of the world, work culture in Australia varies considerably. In some offices, you’ll find laidback professionals in jeans and t-shirts, while in others you’ll be expected to dress to the nines in your professional gear. In hipster Melbourne, a moustache is strongly recommended but not required, whereas in Broome, diving suits are more likely professional attire.

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Seasons in Aussie are a wild ride. Theoretically in the Southern Hemisphere, North should mean “warmer” and South should mean “colder”. This is not necessarily the case, however. The southern territory of Victoria gets warm enough to fly an egg on the sidewalk on mid-summer days, while the northern parts of Queensland stay moderately warm and temperate throughout the year. On the remote East Coast, Perth is known for rainy winters, but if you’re looking for snow, head to Threbdo – tucked in the mountains smack dab between Sydney and Melbourne. In all seasons, beware of Australia’s legendary dropbears. 

You’re ready for Australia internships

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The kangaroos are waiting, so hop to it. Australia internships are wonderful opportunities to explore the Aussie frontier, gain invaluable professional experience, and make new mates. Don’t hold back—find internships in Australia now!

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