International Nursing Internships: Provide Care at Home & Abroad

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Who run the world? Nurses. That’s who. It’s no secret that nursing is one the most demanding and in demand careers across the globe. These demands cause some future nurses to believe that they cannot take advantage of opportunities abroad. This is not so! The world is brimming with chances for nursing students to intern abroad and learn foreign health care systems and services. While it may not seem like it at first, interning abroad is actually the perfect way to develop skills imperative to the profession that will ultimately allow you to excel in the nursing world.

three women with young baby in hospital

If you’re looking for an internship at Seattle Grey’s… well… It’s not real, so you should look for nursing internships abroad instead.

Here’s what we’ve got on tap for you nurslings today:

  • The career benefits of nursing internships
  • Why you should consider nursing internships abroad
  • Awesome undergraduate nursing internships 
  • High school nursing internships
  • Summer nursing internships for high school students and college kids
  • And MORE!

Read on before you’re stuck with a code brown / uninspired start to your nursing career!

The career benefits of nursing internships

Why not take the opportunity to up your professional game by landing a nursing internship abroad? Completing a nursing internship is a huge stepping stone to any future career in the field. Nurses have a strenuous workload that spans a range of fields, levels, and specialties. Participating in nursing internships abroad gives students an advantage by exposing them to different practices and environments in the healthcare industry, as well as giving them the chance to improve foreign language skills specific to the industry.

Nursing students who intern abroad undoubtedly gain an increase in self-confidence and cultural competence skills. The career benefits, such as improving cultural awareness and cultural sensitivity, and gaining a deeper understanding of the interaction between environment and health abound. This is why we wholeheartedly support you on your quest to find internships for pre nursing students.

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Have you ever considered nursing internships abroad?

Diving headfirst into an internship full of diverse people, cultures, belief systems, and worldviews can be an overlooked, yet indispensable experience for nurses to be effective in a highly people-centered profession. Nursing internships abroad help strike a balance between the art of compassion and the science of medicine that is the basis of good nursing. Nursing internships abroad give you a newfound x-ray vision to see beyond just the medical issues and understand the background and the heart of the people they are treating.

Nurses are in high demand in every corner of the world, but extra popular destinations for nursing internships abroad include Thailand, Costa Rica, Nepal, India, and South Africa.

People standing in windowed hallway of hospital

Gain experience in a large metropolitan hospital, or in a small local clinic, either way the experience is invaluable.

Top undergraduate nursing internships

Completing top nursing internships for college students is quintessential before you turn that tassel. We’ve scoured the webs to bring you the best of the best in undergraduate nursing internships:

work the world

1. Nursing Internships with Work the World

Learn developing healthcare systems in Ghana and how to make due with what you have to provide the best care possible in a low-resource environment.

Pros: Developing countries take more of an “all hands on deck” approach to healthcare. This means you will be able to try your hand at many different departments and deepen your understanding of your nursing practice as a whole.

Cons: You will be dealing primarily with health issues that your college professors may have just touched on in class due to their low incidence rates in the Western world. Be sure to brush up on your knowledge of treating malaria, typhoid, TB, etc.

Work the World specializes in creating overseas healthcare placements in destinations that provide a unique learning experience in the developing world. The organization provides 24/7 support, safe housing and meals, free in-house language lessons, and tips for making the most of weekend trips and excursions.

eli abroad

2. Nursing Internships with ELI Abroad in Nepal

Head to Nepal for the opportunity to assist and learn firsthand healthcare in a third world country.

Pros: This program offers the chance to serve in an underserved community, giving you that certain sense of fulfillment you can only get from truly being needed.

Cons: It’s great to be needed, but trying to help everyone is a daunting task and can be discouraging when you realize you can’t help everyone. Remember not to carry a larger burden than you can handle and take the time to enjoy your incredible experience abroad.

ELI Abroad is a nonprofit organization that provides internship opportunities for those seeking a meaningful travel experience. They avoid placing you in a predetermined slot and instead work with you to tailor your nursing internship program to your specific goals and background.

heart pressure monitor
Is your heart racing just thinking these insanely awesome nursing internships?!

3. Undergraduate Nursing Internships with Connect-123

connect 123

Intern with a leading hospital, clinic, or public health research institute in Ireland’s capital!

Get the chance to coordinate with professionals in research-based and clinical health care programs, attend rounds during observations, support AIDS education and awareness, and engaging in a variety of specialist practices.

Pros: Dubliners are a specific sort of Irish that take spirited socialization and passion for their culture very seriously, making them avid disciples of the work-hard-play-hard lifestyle. After hours provides no shortage of opportunities to let loose!

Cons: Don’t let all the late nights and shenanigans deter you from your goal. Remember the primary reason you’re there and keep your eye on the ball!

Connect-123 offers internships placements in hosted by hospitals and healthcare clinics. They employ a team of experienced advisors that will assist you prior to departure, provide guidance upon arrival, and continue with any ongoing support you may need.

maximo nivel

4. Nursing Internships for College Students in Foreign Countries with Maximo Nivel

Get professional nursing experience AND qualify for university credit in Costa Rica, Guatemala, or Peru. Partner with a hospital, clinic, or private practice and open your eyes to a world of medicine you may not otherwise experience.

Pros: This program offers some rad a la carte options. Take surfing lessons, complete a scuba certification or yoga certification for a well-rounded nursing internship abroad!

Cons: This program requires nursing interns to have an intermediate level of Spanish at minimum. If your Spanish is not up to snuff, you will need to log a few hours of Spanish classes prior to the start of your internship. ¿Hablas español? ¡No problema!

Maximo Nivel is a leading educational travel organization offering a range of internship programs providing comprehensive instruction and learning in a fun and professional environment. Maximo Nivel is dedicated to providing a great experience to every participant with safe, affordable, high-quality programs that help people see the world in a meaningful way.

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person holding a childs hand

You’ll make a difference in the world while learning a field you’re passionate .

High school nursing internships

You might be a teen, but you have a LOT to give—especially if you’re feeling called the medical field. But don’t leave your sights only on your local hospital (you know, that place you were born??). Think bigger! Think high school nursing internships abroad!

projects abroad

5. High School Nursing Internships Abroad in Argentina with Projects Abroad

This project combines intensive Spanish lessons with an excellent opportunity to observe the nursing profession first hand.

Pros: Argentina shares many similarities to Europe and North America and the modern techniques used in hospitals will be extremely relevant to anyone studying nursing, medicine, or healthcare in the future.

Cons: You thought learning basic Spanish was hard enough? Try throwing some medical vocabulary in the mix.

experiment in international living

6. Nursing Internship Abroad with the Experiment in International Living

Learn health care and traditional medicine in India. Visit a healthcare NGO, gain insight into approaches to improving access to public healthcare, spend time in tribal villages and meet with village health workers to learn local medicinal practices.

Pros: Eastern medicine is a whole different ballgame. Getting a good grasp on a totally different, more holistic view of medicine is a great thing to have in your back pocket.

Cons: Checking out villages and seeing how real the struggle is for access to healthcare is not going to be a walk in the park. 

projects abroad

7. Nursing Internships in Kenya with Projects Abroad

Intern with both small health clinics and large government hospitals in Kenya. Interns get the unique opportunity to assist in a variety of different departments and to work closely alongside local doctors and nurses.

Pros: This is as close as you can get to the action with no previous medical experience required!

Cons: Poverty will be around every corner, which can throw you for a loop no matter how many times you witness it.

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Two women in clinic laughing

The people and mentors you meet along the way will stitch the whole experience together perfectly.

Nursing internships for summer 2018

These summer nursing internships are for both college and high school students. Use your summer 2018 in the best way possible—giving back and learning a ton. Here are our downright favorite nursing student summer internships.

african impact

8. Summer Nursing Internships with African Impact

Intern in Malawi in a varied range of opportunities in local hospitals, clinics, and with home-based care teams. Interns provide much needed support to medical centers without imposing a burden on already overworked staff.

Pros: This program gives you the chance to dive into the education side of nursing too. Education and awareness regarding preventable diseases is just as important as the treatment.

Cons: Rural Malawi suffers an extremely high incidence of disease due to poverty and limited access to health care. If that wasn’t hard enough to swallow, superstitious traditional beliefs regarding treatment and prevention of certain diseases, especially HIV/AIDS, hampers effective handling thereof.

va corps

9. Summer Nursing Internships Abroad with VACorps

You will not be a gofer at your nursing internship in Cape Town. Interns are well utilized due to understaffing and a constantly growing population.

Pros: Outside of your internship, you will be able to participate in free Friday excursions. These little rendezvous could include surfing lessons at Muizenberg Beach, hikes in Table Mountain National Park, wine tasting in Constantia, chocolate tasting in Franschhoek, champagne sunset cruises in Table Bay Harbor, and the list goes on!

Cons: This is a very popular and highly competitive internship opportunity because interns are given incredible access to the South African healthcare system. Apply ASAP!

go abroad china

10. International Summer Nursing Internships with Go Abroad China

China is a unique location for nursing student summer internships because hospitals utilize both Western medicine and Eastern style techniques. The result: nursing internships in China that are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Pros: Did somebody say paid internship?

Cons: China isn’t shy when it comes to trying out-of-the-box medical practices and therapies. Google at your own risk.

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Bonus: Tips to make the most of your international nursing internship 

Your nursing internship abroad will be what you make it. Check out these additional resources to help set yourself up for success before, during, and after your nursing internship abroad:

If you’re still in the program search phase, use tools like to simplify your search (or bite the bullet and ask our advisors for suggestions!).

The world needs big-hearted caregivers like yourself for nursing internships abroad!

Undertaking internships for pre nursing students is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will not only fast track your professional development, but your personal development as well. Everyone knows that nurses are a unique breed of superhuman that are always going above and beyond the call of duty. Doing a nursing internship abroad proves this even further.

Become the next great Carla (or Gaylord Focker) of your team with nursing internships—everyone has to start somewhere, right?

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