Get Right Down to Business with a 3 Month Internship Abroad

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GoAbroad explains why a 3 month internship abroad is perfect for you.

Time, time, time. There’s never enough of it, right? If you’re a student, you know exactly what I mean. Classes, exams, clubs, societies, part-time jobs. Where do you fit in an internship? Of course internships are essential to get your foot in the door and start your career, but who has the time to be the grunt making copies or coffee for your boss? On the other hand, if you only spend a week “interning” in a foreign country, it’s highly likely you’ll learn very little the job.

Get Right Down to Business with a 3 Month Internship Abroad

If a year is too long and a week is too short, why not try the Goldilocks approach to finding an international internship— one that’s not too short, not too long, but “just right.” A three month internship abroad is the perfect amount of time to spend a summer developing your professional life. Even if it’s only twelve weeks, an internship abroad can help you gain valuable field experience in a foreign country, expand your professional network, and boost your resume and career prospects after graduation.

5 perfect fields for a 3 month internship

Make those days count with these highly recommended three-month internships abroad.

1. Medicine

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We’re not saying you can cure the common cold with one short term internship abroad, but we definitely think you should try. 

On the hunt for top medical internships abroad? Think beyond your community or city hospital. Doing a medical internship abroad can help expose you to different ways to treat patients regarding lifestyle diseases or teach you something illnesses you may have never heard of before.

If you intern at a hospital or clinic in a non-English speaking country, you can up the ante by brushing up on your foreign language skills during rotations. This can seriously set you apart from the crowd on med school applications and in your job search after graduation.

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Since specialization is necessary in the competitive field of medicine and healthcare, why not explore areas not necessarily available in your home country? You may not be used to summer mosquito bites, but may be curious the Zika epidemic happening right now in many countries around the world. An international medical internship can help you learn how the disease is being managed and treated, inspire you to conduct further postgraduate research, or lead you to dedicate time to a deserving medical NGO.

Top Internships Abroad in Medicine to Get You Started

  • The Atlantis Project aims to expose university students to global healthcare and culture. It partners with organizations in Europe, South America, and Oceania. Even if you’re not sure the medical field is for you right now, why not shadow medical professionals at hospitals abroad, do a little volunteer work and research, or conduct reflective hospital observations? At the end of it, you will definitely be equipped with enough experience and information to make an informed decision whether to apply to medical school or not.
  • Projects Abroad sends thousands of volunteers to hands-on projects in many developing countries like Nepal, Tanzania, and Jamaica, every year. Most project placements serve those who cannot afford healthcare, so it will feel rewarding to be part of something that helps the underprivileged in these countries. If this is your first time abroad, Projects Abroad offers great support while you’re there to help you feel a part of a broader multinational community in the medical field.
  • African Impact provides meaningful, responsible, and short medical internship programs in 12 countries across the continent. Their program allows medical interns to connect directly with local communities that need health care the most. On a typical day, you may help out at the local clinic, go on a home visit, or get involved in healthcare education projects, especially HIV/AIDS education and awareness.

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2. Business

man in a suit walking in front of a large window in a high-rise building 

A 3 month internship in business will get you that corner office a little quicker.

Business makes the world go around so why not get a head start in your career with a business internship abroad? It’s also the perfect opportunity to network, network, network! If you want to work for a big Fortune 500 company, look for short term international internships in cities like London, New York, and Hong Kong. On the other hand, if you’re more interested in helping to run a non-profit, there are tons of opportunities in the developing world — don't sell yourself short in your search for top business internships abroad. Doing a business internship abroad can also help you improve your foreign language skills as you learn to navigate the global business environment. 

Top Internships Abroad in Business (and Finance) to Check Out

  • Corkscrew Startup Experienceship offers custom-made social entrepreneurship and micro-finance internships in England, Germany, Ireland, South Africa, Spain, and the UK. They’ve been in the business for years and past participants rave their amazing experiences — good luck trying to get a word in when chatting with program alumni! Corkscrew also promises that interns are safe and well taken care of in each country. As an intern, you’ll work closely with a mentor and learn sustainable business practices in each country.
  • The Intern Group also offers several international business internships for the go-getter. With an extensive network of reputable international business partners, students can custom-make an internship program to suit their goals and needs. Intern with a multinational, medium-sized business, or startup. Get business-savvy and learn all sales, marketing, PR, or business development.

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3. Wildlife and veterinary science

Elephants bathing in a river

After participating in short term conservation internships abroad, it’ll be hard not to talk the elephant in the room. 

While most of your friends dreamed of making lots of cash money or curing the common cold, you’ve always wanted to hang out with those cute (and sometimes not so cute) critters out there in the wide, wide world. One of the best ways you can do this is by signing up for a zoology and wildlife science internship abroad. International internships in wildlife conservation can offer once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to study and help animals that don’t even exist in your hometown zoo. Seek top wildlife internships abroad, and spend time interacting with animals in a local sanctuary, tracking species in the wild, or assisting in local veterinary hospitals or animal rehabilitation centers.

Go Wild for these Top Internships in Wildlife Conservation

  • GoEco offers carefully vetted, short-term wildlife conservation internships around the world. Encouraging sustainable development in ecological and volunteer tourism, GoEco has partners around the world. Whether it’s helping to save turtles in the Maldives or Costa Rica, preserving desert wildlife in Israel, looking after injured and orphaned animals in South Africa, or protecting bottlenose dolphins in Croatia, you will definitely be doing your part to safeguard many endangered species. Interns can expect lots of guidance and feedback from mentors and a professional reference once they complete the program.
  • GVI partners with reputable international organizations like WWF, PADI, and the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. Since 1997, it has sent over thousands of volunteers and interns around the world to help save endangered species. One of their highly recommended programs is an elephant conservation internship in Thailand. Recently, there’s been a lot of talk against elephant tourism in Asia, so here’s your chance to make a difference. Interns help to care for the species and ensure that captive elephants are successfully reintroduced into their natural habitat.

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4. Education

close up of a yellow school bus

Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy when you participate in a teaching internship abroad. 

Teaching English abroad seems to the preferred way to work and travel abroad these days. However, many foreign language job providers require a long term commitment, ranging from six months to a year. What if you don’t have the time? What if you don’t know if teaching’s the right fit for you? With a little digging, you can find short term teaching internships abroad, 3 month internships in education, and even score an A.

Learn All About These Top Education Internships Abroad

  • Premier TEFL is one of the leading program providers in the field of teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL). With over 30 years’ experience, Premier TEFL offers students the chance to dip their toes into the vast world of teaching English abroad, without requiring a long-term commitment. Premier TEFL offers paid, three month teaching internships in countries like China and Argentina. These programs include over 100 hours of solid TEFL training, free homestay accommodation and meals, a monthly allowance, language lessons, and practical teaching experience. Fire up the Magic Schoolbus!

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5. Fashion

women modeling avant garde outfits down a runway 

Rock the runway with a short term fashion internship abroad. 

If people want to save the world, that’s their thing. You also want them to look fabulous while doing so! Why not combine your love for international fashion and travel with a 3 month fashion design internship abroad? Interning in fashion capitals like Paris, Tokyo, or Milan is a must in this fiercely competitive industry. Don't settle for less than your best (and well-dressed) foot forward, nor anything less than top fashion internships abroad. Learn how other cultures express themselves through fabric and celebrate different aesthetics. Explore the business side of fashion and educate yourself marketing, merchandising, and public relations. Also, develop intercultural awareness and hone your foreign language skills in this always exciting, ever evolving industry.

Top Fashion Internships That are a Cut Above the Rest

  • Fashion Week Internships. It’s every fashion student’s dream to attend fashion week in any of the trendsetting cities around the world. Why not get some valuable behind the scenes experience with Fashion Week Internships? This is the only specialist fashion industry program provider that delivers unique short internships in London, Paris, Milan, New York, Beijing, and Madrid. They work with over 2000 host companies including well known brands, designers, PR agencies, style magazine publishers, retailers, and manufacturers. These fashion internships can be full-time or part-time, and run all year round.

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Make the most of 3 month internships abroad

Twelve weeks may not seem like enough time to really get a job done. But the truth is, that’s entirely up to you. If you want more time, but don’t have it, three month internships abroad will be your best bet. Just get in there and get into the thick of it! Give it your all and you’ll be sure to come away with sick new skills and a great reference or two — perfect for when you're ready to take the leap towards that next amazing line item on your already badass resume.

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