From One Mexican to Another: Why We Should Travel More

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I still remember the day I had this super important interview for an agrochemical company back home. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much since I had just came back from a year abroad studying and traveling in Asia and the job seemed to me to be out of my league. 

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I bet you’re wondering how she got here. Rockin’ that blazer, enjoying patio weather, and working in a job she loves. Well, those are just some of the benefits of gaining international experience. 

But somehow, the CEO had “learned some things my profile that he found interesting” and gave me a call to schedule a meeting. So here I was, a little intimidated by the situation, but still curious how it would develop.

From one Mexican to another, here's a big-picture view of how my travels improved my life and how it can help give you clarity and direction too. 

How my travel experiences improved my job prospects

“I need someone to get in charge of all the legal stuff in the company,” he said—and I sighed thinking I was under experienced to take that task—but not only that, he continued, “I heard you have traveled and speak multiple languages, is that correct?” I started feeling more confident and conversation began to flow in a natural way.

I mentioned my first solo travel to Europe when I was 19 years-old; how I found a job online to afford living there, and how I started with learning French. I mentioned Asia, how I got a scholarship to learn Mandarin and some of the perks of going somewhere new every time I could, and then he offered me a job with a good salary, and asked if I could learn Japanese so that I could get involved with the company’s international affairs.

Suddenly, all of the things I used to consider irrelevant for my resume and career path some years ago— maybe even things I thought of as a waste of precious time I should have been using for study or work experience back home, weren’t such a waste at all! Turns out, experience you acquire through your time volunteering, working, teaching or studying in another place does a lot more to help you professionally than it does hurt you. It broadens your opportunities in so many ways. Of course, you still have to have the stuff to back it all up, but the skills you gain through travel are what give you leverage to stand out from the crowd in the working world.

Why travel is important for young Hispanics

You see, people want to invest in people. They aren’t investing in pieces of paper (your resume, your degree), but in someone who’s willing to learn, able to empathize with people who seem to have nothing in common with you, and who can react and adapt quickly when things come up—because they always do.

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I don't want to sound cliché or like a broken record, but sometimes, the reason things are repeated so often, is because they’re true. And for me, it’s all the ways you grow as you travel. People say you become more aware of global issues, more open minded and more skilled if you seek out meaningful travel opportunities, and I agree 100 percent. Unfortunately, sometimes we don't open ourselves to the world as much as we should.

In Mexico, for example, only five percent of the population is estimated to be proficient in English, even though knowing the language can improve your salary by 50 percent. Imagine the doors that knowing two or three more languages can open for you personally and professionally if you take the time to go abroad and learn.

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With an international experience on your resume, you’ll nail any future job interview. Guaranteed.

Very often, finances are a big barrier for not learning, traveling or doing more. Financial concerns are valid, but truth is, money is not the only thing holding us back from these experiences. It’s fear. Fear of wasting time, of not being good enough or skilled enough, of people different from us and places completely different from what we know. Money is a resource that we can achieve through saving habits and multiple incomes and there are tons of funding options and programs we can choose from to meet our needs. What we really need is determination to achieve our goals, and stop underestimating the value of travel as a window for new opportunities and experience.

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For me, traveling with a purpose and using my time abroad wisely has been a major game changer in my life back in Mexico, and I can assure you, it will be worth it for you as well.

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Even those international experiences you thought couldn’t possibly be marketed professionally will give you a serious leg up in your job interview game. 

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With international experience under your belt, you have soft skills that employers are begging for, and the ability to adapt to totally new jobs and work environments. 

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View of Paris and the Eiffel Tower from Montparnasse tower, France

Plus, views like these are always included in the benefits of gaining international experience.

For Mexicans, international experiences can give you a serious leg up 

Without a doubt, having international experiences will set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Whether it’s in your academic or professional (sometimes both) life, the lessons you learn abroad are easily carried over and, with the right polish, will make you shine.

So really, there’s no reason not to embark on a great adventure abroad. All it can do is help you long-term. Go forth. Explore. Learn. Grow. And, if nothing else… crush any competition you might face in a future job search. 

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