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9 Reasons Why College Students Should Try Self Discovery Retreats Abroad

by - Published July 30

Imagine bringing purpose to your studies and following an educational path that aligns with your values and dreams.

Self-discovery retreats abroad

Take time to get to know the inner you. 

“What are self-discovery retreats?” I hear you ask. Living our fast paced, tunnel vision lives, we tend to forget our potential for personal growth. At one moment in our lives, without being able to point out the exact moment of occurence, we lose ourselves in society’s “train of life.” Personal retreats abroad offer space to explore yourself in every aspect, without boundaries or judgement. The idea is that you’ll give yourself the time to discover the essence of who you are, establishing a clear vision and a deep understanding of your personal power. Eliminating the fog that has clouded over throughout years of living in a world led by expectations and judgements. Connecting to your inner child, your purpose, your values and your talents. 

Of course, self-discovery retreats, abroad or in your own country, won’t give you all the answers, but rather, they open a space for you to discover your own personal answers, through various workshops, activities, interactions, and a holistic lifestyle. Isn’t the end goal of being a student the preparation for life? Before jumping into the workforce, every student should have the opportunity to enter the personal development path, that will become a guide throughout their lifetime. Read on to learn more the benefits of personal retreats abroad—especially when in college.

So, why participate in personal retreats abroad as a college student?

Are you seeking life changing retreats, guidance, and self-reflection? Do you dream of spending your free time with other thoughtful, kindred spirits at soul searching retreats? Here’s nine reasons why self improvement retreats are an awesome choice for college kids.

1. Actualize your potential

Every single person has immense potential to offer the world. We can all contribute to a cause bigger than ourselves. How is that possible if we don’t believe in the essence sleeping inside of us? Before finishing your studies, spark the light within you, bring awareness to personal and societal limiting beliefs and don’t let it restrain your growth potential. 

Self-discovery retreats abroad

Getting far away from the familiar can provide space & clarity to find yourself.

2. Live your optimal way of life

Through the experience of a holistic lifestyle, you can develop habits that you can take back home. What kind of life do you aspire to live? Do you value gratefulness, taking action and purpose? Start your day with a morning routine designed to activate your wellbeing. Eat healthy meals that contain all the nutrients your body needs in order to function at its best. Connect to nature regularly, grounding you back to simplicity among the hectic study days. 

3. Get prepared to enter the workforce

Start your professional journey feeling whole as a human being. Without any outside needs to feel fulfilled, but rather, take responsibility for your own happiness. Align your personal beliefs to your upcoming professional life. Gain effectiveness, goal-setting and self-confidence to enter your field and reflect your capabilities to the world. Be the optimal image you aspire to become in your professional life. Throughout your professional progress you will discover that no matter how ‘successful’ you get, it won’t affect your inner feelings, however, your inner feelings will affect how you do professionally. Aligning your values and purpose with your actions, will result in a positive outcome. 

Self-discovery retreats abroad

What makes you feel like your best self?

4. Live an authentic life

The misconstructed idea that domestic or international self-discovery retreats give you the answers fades away here. There isn’t an ultimate way of living, feeling and believing. Journey through a path of discovery to find what aligns with you. When following another person's path, we lose part of ourselves and it results in us living through a mask that is fed by expectations. Release this mask, get in touch with your vulnerability and shine your true colors through every cell of your body. Explore what resonates with you and within you, for your own well-being.

‘‘By practicing openness and vulnerability we have the capacity to express our authentic self and reinforce all the things that make us feel good ourselves. In this way, we can begin to develop healthy, strong and meaningful relationships with other people as well as ourselves.’’ —

5. Connect to your inner power

The only limits in life you can encounter are your own thoughts. If you believe you can’t do something, I’m confirming with you—you can’t! If you believe and want something from your core and heart, then everything will align through perseverance and hardwork. If you keep moving forward with pure belief in the hardest moments, success will be a result. A success that at first couldn't even be imagined. Explore your inner power and more at self improvement retreats for college students!

Self-discovery retreats abroad

Reconnect with your inner sense of wonderment and joy at the little things.

6. Follow an educational path led by values and purpose

Imagine bringing purpose to your studies and following an educational path that aligns with your values and dreams. You will not take part in courses that dictate your beliefs, but rather, follow your beliefs. They will dictate the courses that you want to take. This is made possible through the path of self-knowledge found during personal retreats abroad for college students. 

7. Be mindful in every step of your growth

Growth. A word that will follow you throughout your life. It’s time to get familiar with it, to connect with it. Don’t leave your growth in the hands of others. Choose who you want to become and become mindful of your actions, in order to align them with who you want to be. 

“Watch your thoughts, they become words;

watch your words, they become actions;

watch your actions, they become habits;

watch your habits, they become character;

watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

- Lao Tzu

8. Take responsibility for your studies

As education has not evolved in parallel to the world’s challenges, we have the duty, as students, to learn certain skills that the traditional educational path isn’t teaching. This is necessary to prepare ourselves for life. Exploring your creativity, innovation and  entrepreneurial spirit to access outstanding opportunities. With technological development and the increasing accessibility to knowledge, students can guide their own educational path towards their desired direction of growth. When you return to school after soul searching retreats, you’ll have a renewed vigor towards your studies that coincides with your newly identified goals and purpose.

9. Love yourself

Before loving the world, learn to love yourself. Personal retreats abroad can help. The world is a mirror of your own being. If you have your own insecurities, you will see these insecurities in the world. If you have self-judgement, you will judge the world. If you haven’t accepted every part of  yourself, it will be hard to accept others for their differences. Before entering any relationship, with work, family, friends or lovers, working on self-compassion can prevent a number of hard feelings. At the end of the day, when you genuinely love yourself, the world’s challenges will simply become a tool for growth. 

What to look for in high quality personal development retreats abroad

Self-discovery retreats abroad

Self-discovery retreats abroad come in all shapes, sizes, & colors. What’s YOUR ideal?

The quality of a personal development retreat is always relative to what you seek. Getting in touch with the methodology of the place would be a good first step. Does it align with your beliefs? The environment is also key to your growth. Seek a safe place of exploration. As mentioned above, there is no ultimate way of living, feeling and believing. It is important when participating in self-discovery retreats abroad or at home that the aim is to empower you to live YOUR optimal life. 

Look for life changing retreats and programs that prioritize your emotional safety but also give you the right environment to sustain your personal growth. If you don’t want to be pushed culturally, consider somewhere with more fancy amenities. If you want an experience that challenges your comfort zone, pick a spot different than your everyday norms. Different retreats will include different services—from yoga, to meditation, to guided permaculture lessons, to group meals, nature walks, service projects, and more. Lastly, make sure the ethos of the organization/empowerment center aligns with yours to maximize your learning potential.

Ultimately, once you have figured out what journey you want to join and it aligns with your beliefs, why not do it from a beautiful location?! After all, it’s always good to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings, whilst connecting to the culture, the nature and the people during your experience in a foreign country.

Next steps to finding international self-discovery retreats

Self-discovery retreats abroad

With the help from a guide on personal retreats abroad, you can be methodical in your approach to goal-setting (and subsequent #crushing).

Now that you have the inside scoop and know where to have the most epic personal-discovery adventures abroad, it's time to choose who you want to travel with! Choosing an adventure tour program isn't as hard as it sounds, especially if you follow these steps:

  • Decide where to go. Figuring out where YOU want to have an adventure of the soul is paramount. Have a short list of locations that sound ideal for your goals—mountains? Beach? The bush?. Don't let your anything hold you back—choose a place that's right for you and your inner peace.
  • Choose from the best adventure travel abroad programs in the world. Pay attention to past participants’ reviews, program reputation, and how the adventure at stake matches your preferences. Some programs may even share info for ambassadors or past participants if you want the REAL dirt. Here are more considerations to make as you figure out how to choose the right adventure tour for you. Pro tip: You can use MyGoAbroad to compare programs side-by-side.
  • Plan your finances. Sort out funding before you go to afford daily essentials and splurge on unplanned travel (in addition to tour costs and airfare). Be sure to raise a little extra money to donate to the organization that you'll be working with. Learning how to raise money for a trip fast will serve you (and your wallet) well!
  • Get prepared! Preparing for backpacking and adventure travel abroad is as fun as it sounds (eight essential to do's here!). With the days til departure number dwindling and your excitement boiling, it can be easy to overlook the details. Lean on us to help guide you through your pre-departure process—that's what we're here for.

You’re ready to try self-discovery retreats abroad

Self-discovery retreats abroad

Fresh air + intentional reflection = maximum growth potential on soul searching retreats abroad.

Let’s keep it real, can you imagine doing anything other than following a journey of personal growth? As a college student, wouldn't it be a logical path to add to your education? To take this time to grow personally, professionally and globally. Self-discovery retreats often double as life changing retreats. Investing in your personal growth is investing in your future to make an impact within a self-loving and self-believing journey. Being to live a life of mindfulness, appreciation, creation, and action. When you are at the end of your life, looking back at your path, what was key in creating your life satisfaction? Personal retreats abroad can help give you the space to figure it out—for good.

‘‘Life is too short to spend it at war with yourself.’’ —Ritu Ghatourey

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This article was contributed by . Rosemary Dream is an Empowerment Center that awards people from all around the world a unique opportunity to experience themselves in ways they never have before. This experiential learning Center provides an optimal environment for personal growth which creates lasting change, and offers practical tools to turn mere ideas into realities. 

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