Adventure Travel Abroad Programs vs. Solo Adventure Travel

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You’re up for an adventure (always, of course!), but you’re contemplating all of your travel options. You’ve got to think how you’d like to go this whole group or solo travel thing. So, let’s embark on an adventure—the fun, research-based kind—before the actual, even-more-fun international adventure travel.

We’re here to help you duel it out between solo and group adventure travel abroad programs. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but we’ll be giving you tons of info to help you decide—pros, cons, and some wise words of advice. Here’s to figuring out which experience is the one for you!

Adventure Travel Abroad Programs vs. Solo Adventure Travel

All About Adventure Travel Abroad Programs

Everything is just more fun with friends, right? Adventure group travel is just that; it’s a way to insert yourself into a community of fast friends. For those extroverts out there, the social and outgoing aspect of making connections is big when traveling on a tour. The fact that y’all opted for the same, out-of-this-world trip means you’ll connect with like-minded adventurers—and they’ll be full of adventurous stories and tons more travel bucket list ideas for fellow wanderers like yourself.

There is strength in numbers, and opting for adventure group travel provides you with the safety and support of other travel-minded, adventure-seekers. During the trip, you’ve got a social outlet, and after the trip, you’ve got a network of wanderlust-craving humans. Pretty cool, huh?

When booking a group trip, planning is a no-brainer. There’s usually an itinerary laid out for you with logistics locked in (score!). They’ve got you covered, they have the local connections and expertise, they’ve laid the groundwork, and they can figure out all the logistical details necessary to access more difficult-to-reach destinations. Especially when you’re hoping to hit a bunch of places in a short amount of time, group adventure travel is a great way to schedule all that in without the hassle. What do you do? You show up. #Winning.

man standing on brown rocky ridge under blue sky
Adventure is out there!

It’s definitely worth it to look into the details of travel abroad programs for small groups to check out how authentic the trip is, how much you really do get to see, and how much down time there is. Do they connect you with locals, local organizations, and demonstrate expertise in the region? Do they incorporate much-needed down time? Do they allow wiggle room for spontaneity? Aligning the travel program abroad with your travel goals *is* the goal, you know? Spend some extra time making sure the adventure travel program makes your eyes widen and your heart beat fast—like these sick adventure travel programs.

Explore your options before exploring the world!

Tips: Whether you’re down to do one of the most famous trek in the world, the Inca trail, or you’re ready to dive into the Great Barrier Reef, there’s an adventure travel group for you. It all comes down to finding the right fit and soon enough you’ll set off on a journey alongside global-minded adventurers who may just become your best friends.

The Skinny on Solo Adventure Travel

If you’re more of an introverted traveler, groups may be too draining. You might want to pace yourself and decide the who, what, where, when, and how of your adventure. As a solo adventure traveler, you’re in charge. If you’re knowledgeable whichever city or country you’re visiting, you’re golden—you can pop in and go for immersion. Or if you’d like to pave your own way by adventuring to off-the-beaten-path places in Europe, you can do so on your own.

It’s challenging yourself, leaving your comfort zone, and going for that intense personal growth. You’ll get to know the real you because you’ll be spending tons of time by yourself. Of course, you’ll meet people and make friends, but overall, it’s up to you to decide what your goals are for your solo adventure travel extravaganza whether you’re into eco-adventure travel, trekking, hiking, snorkeling, or any other too-cool-for-school activities.

group of travelers and photographers posing against a bright orange sunset
Adventure travel abroad programs come with a built-in travel fam all ready to go.

Following your own itinerary (if you even have one!) means you don’t have to worry balancing multiple travelers’ opinions, wants, and needs.  It’s up to you. And that’s pretty cool. You choose where you go, when you go, how you go, and, most importantly, what you eat—food is life, of course.

Now, planning for trips can be a gift and a curse. If you’re up for the research-intensive pre-planning, go for it! If you’re spontaneous and like you decide on the go where you’re headed next, do it up. Figuring out logistics can be stressful, but if you want to be in control of all the little details, do you and dive into solo adventure travel!

In getting comfortable with being with yourself, you may find yourself confronting loneliness. You design your own schedule and can prioritize you, but if you don’t enjoy eating alone or riding solo, solo adventure travel may not be for you. As a solo traveler, you’ll be more in tune with your surroundings because you can’t rely on others. It’s a matter of taking those extra precautions to feel comfortable and safe in whichever environment you choose to explore.

Tips: Traveling alone is challenging, yet rewarding. Depending on your previous knowledge of your destination, you may lack the expertise and know-how offered by group travel abroad programs. But the great thing is, you’re in the driver’s seat and you decide what it is that you want!

woman in red hat kayaking in crystal blue water
Taking in nature on a solo adventure abroad is one of the most relaxing, reflective things you can do.

Coin Toss: Which is right for you?

Yup, that’s right; it’s decision time. After sorting through the benefits and challenges of each, we’ve come to the final moment. Grab a coin and flip. Heads is solo adventure travel and tails is group adventure travel. Okay: Ready, set, flip! Wait, no...just kidding. Push that coin aside and think back to your goals for your trip and make a thought-out, intentional decision. Or, you know, send that coin for a toss.

Solo adventure travel and group adventure travel have their pros and cons, but it’s totally up to you! Think your travel style and how you like to get out into the world. Whether you’re calculated or spontaneous, you flip a coin or not, we hope we asked enough questions and gave enough information to get that adventure travel wanderlust flowing. Ask yourself “Should I book a tour or should I travel alone?” to get started.

pov shot of rock climbing looking up at fellow climber
If the mountains are calling, you’ve gotta go.

Whether you’re a solo adventurer or looking to go with a group, fellow travelers will be your best sources of advice. Getting the advice from fellow wanderlusters can help make the decision that much easier. Read reviews, and reach out to providers and program alumni. To help you narrow down travel abroad programs, compare them side by side with MyGoAbroad.

Keep in mind that no matter which option you choose–flying solo or with the rest of the flock–it’s sure to be an adventure!

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