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A Guide to Yoga Travel Programs Abroad

Chanting “Om” to wrap up a yoga class is more than just a semi-awkward sing-a-long, it’s a way to feel connected to the entire universe. Break out of your traditional yoga studio, at-home practice, or wherever you do downward dog to go stimulate your senses in a far-off place. Travel yoga allows you to work on your mental, physical, and emotional health anywhere in the world! Practice new customs and languages while simultaneously practicing mindfulness; your soul and adventurous (and notably more calm) spirit will thank you later.


The internal, yogic journey starts with your mind and body, but the location of your yoga adventure is key. Before you start looking inward on your yoga journey, check out potential king dancer pose backdrops to set those yogic butterflies free and find your perfect international yoga retreat. Rejuvenate your soul by striking a pose through yoga travel programs in destinations from Latin America to Asia to Oceania. 

Argentina. Home to natural wonders of high Andean peaks, icy Patagonian frontier, and powerful waterfalls in Iguazú National Park, programs in Argentina provide a seamless combination of yoga and adventure. Embark on a personal journey of self-discovery that satisfies your soul and your wanderlust with porteños in Buenos Aires, amidst the mountainous Valle de Conlara in Merlo, or the academic and action-packed, yet underrated city of Cordoba

India. If you’ve been curious the Sanskrit origins of yoga in India’s ancient religious texts, head on over to a country of timeless beauty and invigorating cultural experiences where yoga and mediation were invented. From the City of Light, Varanasi, to one of South India’s best places to practice yoga, Mysore, to mysterious and magical New Delhi, you can personalize yoga travel itineraries that allow some wiggle room for those warrior stances and good stretches. 

Nepal. Just hearing the word Himalayas sets your mind on an exciting journey. Put your yoga practice into perspective in places that redefine natural beauty. If you’re a mountain lover, Nepal is your travel yoga hot spot. To satiate spiritual curiosity, opt for a Buddhist meditation retreat for your yoga adventure in Nepal. To attempt to transcend nirvana, find peace and happiness in designing your own Nepali yoga experience, whether it may be in chilled out, laid back Pokhara or fun-filled, fascinating Kathmandu

Costa Rica. Pura vida isn’t just a common Tico phrase, it’s a lifestyle. Stretch your way into a purer place, in a country teeming with rich wildlife, adventurous outdoor activities, and yoga retreats galore, whether in the capital of San Jose or along the Central Pacific Coast. If you’re searching for a yoga adventure to strengthen your practice and deepen your connection, you can enroll in oceanside yoga programs in Manuel Antonio. You could even combine travel yoga with intensive language courses, volunteering, or a TEFL certification course and knock out multiple bucket list items in one yoga-filled Costa Rican adventure.

Yoga Travel Programs Abroad

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of travel yoga. Yoga adventure programs work to design a journey fit for you, so just grab your mat, Lululemon gear, and go. 

Taking your yoga practice abroad sets you on an internal and external quest. Mindfulness is something both yoga and authentic travel have in common. Your senses will be heightened and you’ll be fully aware of your surroundings, which will vary greatly depending on the destination you choose. One might crave the peacefulness of uncharted, sandy beaches, while another might feel more in tune with themselves amidst a shady, leafy jungle.

Yoga programs offer individuals as well as groups opportunities to explore indoor and outdoor settings and opt for predetermined itineraries or customizable classes. Whatever you want, there is a travel yoga program that has it!

Not all yogis (or yoginis!) are created equal, and neither are yoga travel programs. If you’ve just started stretching into child’s pose (and you’re loving it a little too much!) or you’ve already mastered those crazy, Instagram worthy inversions, there’s an option for your yoga adventure. If you’ve never toppled over yourself attempting crow position, now’s your chance to try out something new; even beginners are welcome abroad!

There are numerous yoga travel programs that allow you to create your own unique experience abroad; yogalicious, eh? Whether you’re arching back into cobra or folding forward to begin your sun salutation sequence, the type of yoga you prefer can be found among the many options from meditation to Ashtanga yoga to Vinyasa yoga in diverse locations around the world. 

Tips & Advice for Travel Yoga

Just like you will (hopefully) become, yoga travel programs abroad are touch-your-toes flexible. The fabulous part practicing yoga abroad is that the landscapes are endless. From the tranquil beaches of Costa Rica to peaceful mountains in Nepal, find your balance in a yoga travel program during any month of the year for any duration of time that works for you. Do you see yourself on a ten-day spiritual journey or a four-week path to rejuvenation? Both are available in addition to countless other customizable travel yoga options.

No matter where you prefer to lay in corpse pose (erm, who doesn’t?), there’s a yoga travel destination for you. If you’re one to rock the outdoors, don’t forget seasons and climate. It’s best to do your research the climate in the country of your desired yoga travel adventure. This way, you’ll be prepared for the temperature and weather patterns that can affect all your seemingly effortless twistin’ and turnin’. Some countries experience dry and rainy seasons, while others enjoy year-round temperate climates (a.k.a. every yogi’s dream). Who needs hot yoga when you’re standing still dripping sweat on your slippery mat on a Caribbean beach. #amiright?

Benefits & Challenges

Finding balance is what travel yoga is all . While you’re transforming your mind and body, be sure to extend that transformation mindset beyond the sticky yoga mat. Breathe in that fresh, foreign air and always, always, always practice gratitude and respect. 

On & Off the Mat. Meaningful travel urges a deeper connection with the culture and you can cultivate that in and out of yoga sessions. Keep those mental juices flowing by connecting your energy with nature, fellow yoga travelers, and locals. 

Pricey Practice. Yogis and yoginis alike will be able to enjoy their new-and-improved yoga “studio” in a different country, but it can be an expensive one. Prices range depending on duration, country, accommodation, meals, and travel expenses. It’s up to you to select a yoga adventure that tickles your fancy and falls within your budget.

Be Flexible. Not just in your yoga practice, but in your openness to program opportunities. Trying out different styles of yoga in a foreign country can be a rewarding experience, and this is the perfect way to test out what types of yoga and meditation work for you!

Close your eyes, inhale deeply, and exhale that sweet, sweet, ujjayi. Open your eyes and ask yourself: where will my yoga practice take me next? The yoga adventure opportunities abroad are literally endless!

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A Guide To
Yoga Travel Programs Abroad


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