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Universidad Catolica de Murcia

Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM) is a private, Catholic university accredited by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation of Spain (ANECA). It has 17 undergraduate degrees accredited by the Ministry of Education. Established in 1996, our institution aims to empower students through the development of skills they can apply to the real world. Our mission is to provide students an integral formation in terms of academic knowledge and human values, which we guarantee through academic programs, meetings, workshops, congresses, and volunteering projects. Our study programs range from undergraduate to doctoral studies offered across our campus in de los Jerónimos, in the suburban district of Guadalupe, Murcia. The region’s beautiful Mediterranean weather makes UCAM the perfect setting for students to pursue their educational goals.

Universidad Catolica de Murcia Programs

MBA - Master in Business Administration

UCAM offers a full-time MBA for students who want to have a successful career in the area of business and decision-making. Participants who benefit most from this masters program are international and Spanish ...

Master´s in Innovation and Tourism Marketing

Tourism accounts for a third of all international trade. It is the sector that creates the most jobs and has proven itself impervious to economic downturns. It is, without a doubt, a strategic sector and a ...

Master in European Union Studies and Human Rights

The Master's in European Union Studies and Human Rights represents an innovation in the educational field. Its support for the face-to-face formation, the involvement of students from various nationalities, ...

Master's Degree in High Performance Sport

The UCAM Master in High-Performance Sport degree program is the first in Spain to be recognized by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. The curriculum is specially designed to impart not only ...

Master´s in Hospitality Management

Take your Master’s in Hospitality at the UCAM University. The programme is designed for individuals with a great capacity for management of equipment and the necessary attitude for carrying out complex ...

MBA in Sports Management

The need to train professionals in all areas of sports has arisen as a consequence of the great progress in the sports sector during the last decade. In this sense, sports management is one of the areas of ...

Universidad Catolica de Murcia Reviews

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Review Rating

Ksajor, 26


Value for money MBA

It's a good one year roller-coater ride and year of self awakening too. So many insights I gained not only by profession but also for myself. To be in a foreign place will give you this freedom to...

Review Rating

Student, 26


UCAM experience

It was a nice experience. The level of the classes was very good, with some exceptions. The course lacks organisation, lots of things as assignments and exams date should be better defined previously.

Review Rating

Sinisa, 24


UCAM University review

Obout my master in ucam i have to say that it was my best decision in my life. They combine knowledge with practical work and that internship that we are going for 6 months is great opportunity to...

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