The Institute for Central American Development Studies (ICADS) was established 30 years ago, and is a center for analysis, research, and study of Central American environmental and social issues. They focus on conservation, human rights, education, women’s issues public health, sustainable development, environmental studies, politics, and economic development. ICADS offers four program categories: intensive Spanish language courses designed to immerse students in the Costa Rican context, a Summer Internship program, three distinct Study Abroad programs through which students can earn academic credit toward their university degree, and customized short-term programs provided through their collaboration with universities. Program participants learn through lectures, readings, and interaction with locals in both Nicaragua and Costa Rica via voluntary service and internships.

ICADS Programs

Field Program: Environment and Sustainable Development

Be part of hands-on programs for progressive minds! In ICADS' semester-long Field Program, students gain research experience in both the natural sciences (forest ecology, agro-ecology, soil sciences) and social sciences (sociology, anthropology, history, economics) while ...

Spanish Language Intensive Course

Learning Spanish at ICADS isn't just grammar and vocabulary - it's connecting with people in this unique cultural context! This month-long intensive program will help you improve your communication skills and expose you to the issues and events affecting real Central ...

Social Justice and Development Internship Program Nicaragua

Gain hands-on experience and knowledge; move beyond the theory into the practice, and put your views of development and justice to the test. Nicaragua has a rich history of grassroots social movements. Students have the opportunity to work closely with organizations carrying ...

Summer Internship and Cultural Training Program

This program highlights a structured internship immersion that challenges participants to integrate theoretical concepts with real-world experiences, and includes both classroom and field internship components. After the staff closely evaluates students’ specific educational ...

Social Justice and Development Internship Program Costa Rica

Costa Rica is perhaps best known for its ecological diversity and the abolition of its army. In lieu of a military, it has an "army" of teachers and healthcare workers, positioning Costa Rica uniquely in the region in terms of human development. In addition to internships in ...

ICADS Reviews

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Study Abroad

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Colton Babladelis, 25

United States

Incredible study abroad experience

I was in Costa Rica with ICADS from Jan. - May 2011, and had the most formative, influential experience of my undergraduate studies. I still frequently reference some of what we did on that trip and...

Review Rating

Lianna, 25

United States

Study abroad field program with ICADS

ICADS was by far the best part of my college experience. It felt like a truly authentic slice of Costa Rica, far off the beaten path. What is travel without reflection? Just tourism. This is not...

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