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Arabeya Language Center

Arabeya Language School, located in Egypt, was established to provide intensive Arabic courses for all levels of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA). The institution's philosophy is founded on the strong belief that the smaller the number of students, there are, the more attention each student receives. The school encourage groups of no more than four students to realize the highest quality of education where the student participates more in the reading, writing, speaking, and listening aspects of language and the educator can better identify the student's strengths and liabilities, thereby creating lessons and programs which are effective and productive. Arabeya specializes in intensive Arabic language and cross-cultural exchange programs with a variety of universities and academic institutions across the world. Educators are native Arabic speakers with degrees from prestigious universities in Egypt, with up to 15 years experience in Arabic instruction and some are MSA Specialists. They speak English and several are conversant in other languages.

Arabeya Language Center Programs

One-to-One Arabic Courses

Enroll in Arabeya Language Center in Egypt and gain proficiency in the Arabic language. Situated in the stunning city of Cairo, this exceptional institution specializes in comprehensive language courses, as ...

Arabic Language Course (Small group 2-5)

Acquire fluency and proficiency in the Arabic language through a program offered by Arabeya Language Center. The center provides language courses in Cairo and Giza. Participants can take part in classes of ...

Intensive Arabic Winter Course (2018-2019)

Join our winter program, which allows no more than five students per class. It also offers you the opportunity to obtain personalized tuition. Students can choose to take 20, 25 or 30 hours per week of Modern ...

Live and Study Arabic in Your Teacher's Home

Live and study with your own private teacher here in Cairo, and become part of the family! By living and studying in your own teacher’s home you will not only receive formal tuition from some of our most ...

Intensive Arabic Summer Course 2018

This is available to you no matter your proficiency level. Your course options include combined MSA and ECA program, Egyptian colloquial Arabic, or modern standard Arabic. All these are offered at a similar ...

Arabic Business Communications

The Arabic Business Communications course at Arabeya Language Center will develop your understanding of how communication in the Arab world greatly affects the business industry, as well as utilize business ...

Arabeya Language Center Reviews

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Review Rating

Defne Taner


Loved it!

I am impressed by all the organization and events they do and offer: very professional in every aspect. All the workers and members at the school are so friendly and welcoming, I feel very...

Review Rating

Mateusz Rutkowski

Highly recommended

I've studied at Arabeya between March 2016 and December 2017. Having classes with 10 different teachers gave me a lot of understanding the Arabic language, Egypt, and the Middle East. Teachers...

Review Rating

Caroline Binot

Thank you!

I thoroughly enjoyed my home stay program at Arabeya. My teacher was patient, fun and energetic. This was not only a fantastic way to get started as a complete beginner, but also a safe and enjoyable...

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