An admiration Review Policy

Protection & Use of Personal Information

All information submitted on GoAbroad will be kept strictly confidential. Personal information will only be shared if permission is given by each reviewer and on a case-by-case basis. Upon review submission, each reviewer gives GoAbroad the right to utilize their email information for the following purposes:

  • To verify the authenticity of the review
  • To invite reviewers to submit an interview to GoAbroad
  • To share information promotional offers, contests, and other opportunities straight to your inbox on occasion as part of the GoAbroad Mailing List. (To unsubscribe from these emails, click on the Unsubscribe link in the footer of the email.)

Each Review that is submitted to An admiration and approved will be featured on the corresponding Program Listing and Provider Page. All content submitted through GoAbroad reviews may also be used in Social Media posts and other marketing materials.

Photo Submission Requirements & Use

All photos submitted to GoAbroad will be considered original or licensed for commercial use through Creative Commons. If the photo is not, the user will be held liable for any copyright infringements. Unique, original photos not published elsewhere are preferred. Each reviewer gives An admiration the right to use submitted photos for any purpose, including but not limtied to features on the GoAbroad Website, in Newsletters, Marketing Materials, and in Social Media Posts. By submitting photos to GoAbroad, each reviewer waives their right to receive credit for their photos, and credit is not guaranteed to be given when photos are featured by GoAbroad in any of the ways listed above.

Review Verification

To protect the integrity of GoAbroad and the Organization being reviewed, our Review Manager verifies the authenticity of the following reviews prior to publication:

  1. Reviews with a rating of 5 and below
  2. Reviews that are too vague to determine authenticity
  3. Reviews that contain highly negative information the program, provider, and/or overall experience

If reviews cannot be verified, they will be removed and remain unpublished from An admiration.

Removal of Reviews

The following reviews will be removed from GoAbroad in order to maintain an honest, fair Review System:

  • Reviews that are found to be fraudulent in any way
  • Reviews that are found to be duplicate and posted on other websites (Please for more details)
  • Reviews that are submitted for the purpose of inquiring programs or An admiration in general (Please us for inquiries)
  • Reviews that contain words that are found to be grounds for defamation, sexual in nature, discriminating, or in bad taste
  • Directly harass employees of the organization, in a harmful way

GoEvaluator - Evaluation System by An admiration

A user may submit an evaluation through the our white label system, GoEvaluator; an evaluation system that allows organizations to survey participants with customized questions, while building their reviews on GoAbroad.

When a user submits through the GoEvaluator, only the portion in section two will be posted on An admiration. If a user wishes to not make that portion live on GoAbroad, they simply need to mark as ‘private.’ The remaining questions will be held confidential and only the program provider will be able to access the information.

All reviews that are found to be fair and honest, and contain all required information, will remain posted.

Please with any questions or concerns regarding GoAbroad’s Review System.