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A Guide To Swahili Language Programs Abroad

Picha. Muziki. Redio. Sound familiar? These words for picture, music, and radio are Swahili words borrowed from English. With roots in the Bantu language, there is a surprising amount of words borrowed from other languages, including Arabic and Portuguese. If you’ve seen The Lion King, then you’ve already heard a few Swahili words (asante sana, squash banana!). Watching cartoons can only get you so far, but...hakuna matata. Swahili language programs abroad will fully immerse you in the language, and you definitely won’t regret joining the 140 million people who joke, speak, and sing in Swahili!

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Find Swahili Language Courses Abroad

Volunteer in East Africa - Carpe Diem Education Gap Year

Practice community service and international development in the historical-rich context of post-genocide Rwanda. Paddle a dugout canoe with a Bakiga guide through Uganda’s deepest lake. Have close encounters with awe-inspiring wildlife on a multi-day safari. Earn your open-water ...

Intensive Swahili in Kenya

Strengthen your Swahili language skills while gaining an insight into Kenya’s more than 40 ethnic groups. Immerse in the local way of life and culture as well as while living with a Kenyan host family. They will help you practice Swahili while introducing you to traditions and ...

Learn Swahili in Tanzania with Projects Abroad

Immerse yourself in the vibrant Tanzanian culture on one of our intensive Swahili Language projects. Swahili is a Bantu language spoken mainly by people of eastern and central Africa and is the national language in Tanzania. The Swahili language has been influenced by Arabic and ...

Zanzibar: Swahili Language and Culture in East Africa

Explore issues of politics, class, gender, race, ethnicity, and religion in East Africa through the Swahili Language and Culture program in Zanzibar. The islands of Zanzibar, which have been the crossroads of European, Indian, Arab, Persian, and African culture for nearly two ...

Private or Small Sized Swahili Language Classes in Kenya

We offer affordable opportunities to take language classes where the language is spoken. Costs for classes start from only USD 50 per week. Private or small sized classes ensures the personal attention you need for effective language learning. According your needs and ...

Swahili language lessons in Zanzibar or Moshi/Kilimanjaro

Swahili (also called Kiswahili) is the most widespread language in East Africa. About 90 million people in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Congo and Mozambique speak Swahili. We offer language courses for Swahili in Moshi/Tanzania and in Zanzibar. The lessons focus on the ability to ...

Learn A New Language with Sprachenatelier Berlin

Sprachenatelier Berlin is unique because it offers more than just German language courses. We offer classes in over 45 different languages in addition to our core German courses. Furthermore, Sprachenatelier hosts a variety of art and cultural events which contribute to the ...

LoPair Au Pair China Program

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