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Tonya Tooley

Tonya Tooley

Tonya studied international business at Colorado State University and has a background in international travel, education, and volunteering. She studied abroad in Prague, Czech Republic during her undergraduate degree. She also volunteered in Jinja, Uganda, and has a passion for international education. She is currently the Director of , a website which provides unbiased feedback on study abroad programs throughout the world.

Articles By Tonya Tooley

How To Spot An American In Europe: What Not To Do Published 04 Nov 2013

Ever wonder why everyone abroad knew you spoke English before even talking to you or why you were constantly targeted by club promoters and vendors? The plain and simple truth is ... they knew you were American from a mile away. Here are 10 things that...

Girl Code: Safety Tips For Traveling In Italy Published 04 Nov 2013

Most American girls have seen the romantic comedies where the beautiful American girl travels to Italy and falls madly in love with a kind hearted Italian gentleman. When studying abroad in Italy, many girls have a secret hope they will find a perfect ...

10 Sites To Visit While Studying In Barcelona

Barcelona is a beautiful coastal city on the northwest side of Spain. This unique city that hosts two distinct cultures, Spanish and Catalan, has many wonderful activities and sights to see. When going to a new city it is always a struggle to know what...