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Tony White

Tony White

“Travel is its own reward.”

Tony is a multimedia freelance journalist based in Denver, Colorado. He studied in Tuscania, Italy in 2013, using the experience to further his travel writing and documentary work by exploring different countries in the region and immersing himself in the culture of a small Italian town. Tony continues to travel internationally, searching for stories that relish in adventure, explore the human condition, and illuminate our shared connections as people.

Articles By Tony White

How to Fit in With Locals While Teaching English in Italy Published 14 Dec 2015

Leave your cousin Vinny and Mario Kart game cartridges behind as you start your search for ESL jobs in Italy. Amidst brainstorming lesson ideas, getting TEFL certified online, and reviewing key Italian phrases, ESL/EFL teachers oftentimes overlook one ...

A Guide to Studying Abroad in Tuscania Published 14 Jan 2015

Tuscania embodies the ideal of a small town in the Italian countryside, along with having some pleasantly surprising parts for study abroad students as well. Nestled in Central Italy, Tuscania’s medieval center boasts tall, stone walls which enc...