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Tiffany Harrison

Tiffany Harrison

"But do not ask me where I am going As I travel in this limitless world Where every step I take is my home" - Dogen

Tiffany worked for multiple years as GoAbroad's Outreach Manager, until February 2015. She has presented at a variety of events within international education, focusing on brand management, online marketing, social media, and technology. She is an avid tea-drinker who lives by the words of Jane Austen and considers her passport a map to discovering the world.

Articles By Tiffany Harrison

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If you’re the student preparing to head abroad next semester or summer (lucky!!!!), follow these tips – or at least suggest them to your parents; it’ll make your life easier when it comes to fitting everything in your suitcase (and give you some ideas ...

Published 27 Feb 2018

Have you ever wanted to be that person behind the scenes developing and implementing a successful marketing campaign? Or perhaps developing ad graphics or landing a media pick up in a top tier outlet that has you itching to apply your skills? Wherever...

Published 01 Mar 2018

If there was ever a type of international job to be found in a variety of countries, it would be in the media sector. Whether you’re interested in breaking a story a political scandal or hosting a Top 40 radio station, working in the media...

A Guide to Marketing, PR, & Advertising Internships Abroad Published 27 Nov 2014

In today's world, intercultural awareness isn't just important, it's essential for anyone seeking a thriving career in the communications field. Whether you're interested in pitching journalists, brainstorming marketing approaches, or implementing a s...