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Ta Minh Ha

Ta Minh Ha Program Coordinator, Student Exchange Vietnam

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Ha is putting Vietnam as a destination for study and internship on the world map. As passionate as she is seeing the world, she aims to bolster Vietnam’s beauty and opportunities to international students. She also loves to delve into a long late night talk with a cup of hot chocolate. If you are looking to customize your dream study program and internship in Vietnam, she’s the one to look for.

Articles By Ta Minh Ha

How to Study in Vietnam on a Budget (& Still Have Fun) Published 22 Dec 2017

Why Vietnam is a Great Budget Destination for International StudentsThere is no denying that studying abroad does wonders for college students, not only boosting personal growth but enriching cultural experience incomparably. But, not all college stude...

The Best Cities in Vietnam for Internships Published 12 Apr 2017

Vietnam is an emerging Southeast Asian economy of increasingly dynamic competition and promising opportunities. It has been considered a country in the Asia-Pacific region with a key position, due to its geo-strategic significance and distinctive tradi...