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Stephanie Cisneros

Stephanie Cisneros

Stephanie Cisneros is a major advocate for everything Florentine. In Spring 2009, Stephanie spent four months studying and absorbing everything Italian from the moment she stepped off her plane. Since studying abroad, Stephanie has returned to Italy five times.  And in recent news, Stephanie was promoted to join Northwestern University’s International Office as a new Advisor. From the GoAbroad funding, Stephanie will use it to travel internationally and complete research for her MALS degree.

Articles By Stephanie Cisneros

Top 10 Tips: A Modern Woman’s Guide to Florence, Italy Published 26 Feb 2014

No one doubts that there is plenty to do in Florence, but for Women there are some particularly wonderful things to do and indulge in during any study abroad program in Florence. Check out this list of tips for any modern woman in Florence.1. Eat, drin...