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Shelby Sage Lisieski

Shelby Sage Lisieski

“Everything happens for a reason.” -Moi

A small town upstate New Yorker, with a big heart, Shelby has considered the “world her oyster” for as long as she can remember.  She recently graduated from Niagara University with a bachelors degree in Travel/Tourism and Destination Management.  Shelby studied abroad in Scotland, and has spent time exploring other countries in Europe as well as Asia.  In her free time, she enjoys writing, eating, petting animals and thinking her future travel ventures that are to come!

Articles By Shelby Sage Lisieski

7 Biggest Travel Regrets for Millennials Published 13 Mar 2018

Helping you avoid travel regrets altogetherWe’ve all heard it, and you can’t deny you’ve said it yourself.  “I wish I would have done this…I should have taken time to see that…I regret not doing…”, yada yada yada!  We always think there will be another...

Why I “Hate” America (& Secretly Love That It's Home) Published 23 Nov 2017

The one year anniversary of the election of the United States’ 45th president has come and gone, I’m sure you clicked on this article thinking I was going to go on a political rant, right?  Well, not quite, because there is so much to America beyond po...