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Ridhi Patel

Ridhi Patel Founder & Director of Volunteering Journeys

Ridhi is the founder and director of Volunteering Journeys. With her mixed roots, growing up in India and living in the UK, Ridhi understands the importance of providing quality and diverse programs in a country like India, which can be daunting for first time, or even experienced, travelers. Selecting the exotic city of Kerala as well as the historical capital Kolkata for the destinations of her programs, she hopes to really connect volunteers with locals in India.

Articles By Ridhi Patel

8 Ways to Volunteer in India Published 29 Nov 2016

India is a beautiful country with endless things to do and places to explore while volunteering abroad. There are hundreds of different ways to volunteer in India, whether you’re committed to helping underprivileged communities, want to work with anima...