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Rafat Shantir

Rafat Shantir Co-Founder, Excellence Center in Palestine

Rafat has participated and volunteered in numerous community development projects, from Mongolia to Denmark to Jordan. He has also worked closely with community development organizations in Palestine. Rafat strongly believes in the importance of community activities and cultural exchange for Palestinians, and the rest of the world.

Articles By Rafat Shantir

5 Unique Things About Living in Palestine  Published 03 Oct 2017

What makes living in Palestine unique?Whether you come to study Arabic, volunteer in Palestine, or just to visit, your time living in Palestine, no matter how long you stay, will be different than your everyday life back home. Palestine shares a lot in...

Why You Should Become a Palestine Volunteer Published 30 Jun 2017

5 Reasons to Volunteer in PalestineThere are many reasons to volunteer in Palestine, if not just to spend time with Palestinians themselves. Having suffered from occupation for so long, the need is as urgent as ever; yet, on the back of so much hard wo...

4 Reasons to Learn Arabic in Palestine Published 17 May 2017

Why Learn Palestinian Arabic?There are of course many practical reasons to learn Arabic, either Modern Standard or a particular dialect. Choosing where to do so though can be a difficult choice, especially in this age were the options are plentiful. Gi...