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Rachel Chaikof

Rachel Chaikof

Rachel is a returned Peace Corps volunteer who served in Cameroon for two years as a community health educator. Her work in Cameroon focused on providing persons with disabilities with access to health education. Rachel received a bachelor’s of arts in visual communication with a concentration in photography from Savannah College of Art and Design and an master’s degree in anthropology with a concentration in material and visual culture. She is passionate traveling, photography, human rights, and disability advocacy.

Articles By Rachel Chaikof

Tips for Students with Disabilities Earning Their Degree Abroad Published 04 Jul 2017

Getting a degree abroad not only helps further your education in the subject you choose to study, but a lifetime of experiences that you would not receive in your home country. Students with disabilities in college, who have a unique view of the world ...

Volunteering Abroad for Students with Disabilities Published 21 Jun 2017

Volunteering abroad–particularly in a developing–country is a monumental challenge that requires grit and ability to adapt to strange places. Contrary to what you might assume immediately, students with disabilities offer unique strengths that can make...