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Maryam Abdul­-Qawiyy

Maryam Abdul­-Qawiyy Program Manager, Toucan Educational Programs

Maryam received a master’s degree in fine arts from Chatham University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2010. A freelance writer and thespian and renaissance artist, she has a passion for the arts, travel, and media. Her continuous global adventures actually inform her work, whether it be a play, film, commercial, or article. Maryam believes that media not only allows for storytelling to occur, but also cross ­cultural exchange as well. She is also currently member of the Belize National Dance company and a soon to be certified yoga teacher!

Articles By Maryam Abdul­-Qawiyy

Why Choose Belize for your Internship Abroad Published 16 Aug 2016

Technology has made it easier to travel at the click of a button; with our computers and phones, we can virtually visit any country and be connected to anywhere across the globe. However, when experiencing a different culture firsthand, it can be life ...