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Lea Levy

Lea Levy

Lea Levy co-founded Connect-123 Internship and Volunteer Programs in Cape Town with her husband Steven. They realized that many local organizations could use the help of skilled, international students while at the same time, students could benefit from real, hands-on, international work experience. Prior to establishing Connect-123, Lea earned a Fine Arts Degree from the University of Stellenbosch and worked in Russia with the top PR, below-the-line and communications consulting firm. Originally from South Africa, Lea has also lived in Russia and Argentina, and now calls Barcelona home. She loves to walk her dog Chloe, and is learning how to play polo as a horse lover.

Articles By Lea Levy

A Guide to Interning Abroad in South Africa Published 29 Oct 2014

It’s hard to think of a country more diverse than South Africa – in every sense of the word. With 11 official languages, this multiethnic society is a unique blend of African cultures with European and Asian influences. The range of this c...