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Kyle Rausch

Kyle Rausch

Kyle currently works at Arizona State University’s Study Abroad Office as an International Coordinator Senior and lead of the faculty-directed programs team. He’s a self-proclaimed Francophile and has studied in and led student programs to France. When he is not working with ASU, Kyle volunteers for and can be found blogging and tweeting pop culture, his guilty pleasure!

Articles By Kyle Rausch

7 Things Every Student Should Know Before Studying in Paris Published 17 May 2018

The title of this post is perhaps a bit misleading, as there are certainly countless things that students who study in Paris for the first time should know . But then again, half of the fun of studying abroad in a foreign place is figuring out all...

A Guide to Interning Abroad in France Published 16 Jul 2014

Pursuing an internship in France is compelling for individuals who are looking for a competitive edge in the European job market and the chance to experience some of the best cultural activities in the region. Though the recession has certainly taken ...