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Kimberly Haber

Kimberly Haber

Kimberly Haber is Director of Programs at Adelante Abroad, LLC, and has lived in both shared apartments and with families during many trips abroad. She doesn’t take it personally anymore when a senora, or house mom, rifles thru her belongings in the name of “cleaning up” her room. Nor does she mind the sand all over the floor, everywhere, in a shared apartment. She has finally mastered the art of the foreign washing machine, a personal goal for years.

Articles By Kimberly Haber

Student Apartment or Homestay Family? 5 Tips for Housing Published 21 Oct 2014

You have just gotten into your housing in Madrid. It is 3 p.m., you are so tired, need a shower, feels like you have run a marathon – this is called jet lag and is an integral part of international travel. After plopping your suitcase on your single tw...