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Kelly Holland

Kelly Holland Institutional Relations Manager, Global Experiences

“I do not bring back from the journey quite the same self that I took.” – W. Maugham

Kelly is a Pennsylvania native. She first left the U.S. at age 20 to spend a semester in Granada, Spain with the American Institute of Foreign Study (AIFS). She returned several years later to teach English for the Spanish Ministry of Education in Andalucia. Kelly holds an M.Ed. in comparative and international education from Lehigh University, and a B.A. in international business and Spanish from Moravian College.

Articles By Kelly Holland

11 Incredible Places for Women to Intern Abroad in 2018 Published 27 Feb 2017

Whenever there is talk of women and work, there will be talk of glass ceilings, long hours, work-life balance, sacrifices, you name it. In 2018, we should also be celebrating successes, entrepreneurs, businesses, companies, and ideas of women all over ...

6 Reasons You'll Love Living with a Host Family in Spain Published 25 Jan 2017

Here's Why Homestays in Spain Are THE BestI was anxious, happy, terrified. That first meal was like a tennis match. I was trying so hard to translate in my mind as my host family spoke, and it was immediately overwhelming. My host father’s accent was s...

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Por fin! You’ve selected your school, your provider, your session. You’ve made a deposit, smiled for a passport photo, and have already looked up flight prices three times today. But wait, your study abroad advisor is emailing you selecting your ...

How To Talk To Your Students About Study Abroad Published 30 Apr 2014

Maybe you talk to your students once a day, or all the time. On the phone, via text, maybe even on Twitter. As a parent, you hear their news in different ways. An A on an exam, a really difficult day, the opportunity to join a new club, or something ev...