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Jennifer Ramos

Jennifer Ramos

Jennifer Ramos lived in Chile for five years working in education and recently relocated to the United States in 2013. With a Master’s degree in International Education from SIT Graduate Institute, Jennifer completed her thesis capstone project by developing and implementing an innovative pre-departure and re-entry orientation for students and guardians at a university in Concepción, Chile. She is currently working in Education Abroad and International Programs in North Carolina.

Articles By Jennifer Ramos

A Guide to Teaching Abroad in Chile Published 13 Mar 2018

The country shaped like a chili is as spicy as the shape suggests. Filled with glaciers, deserts, and endless flora and fauna, Chile has become one South America’s top destinations to teach English abroad. The economy is good, Santiago is a heal...

Study Abroad in Chile in These Nontraditional Cities Published 04 Nov 2015

Santiago no es Chile (“Santiago isn’t Chile”) is a common phrase you’ll hear squabbled between local Chilenos in Chile. Interestingly enough, Santiago no es Chile is also the name of a television show aimed at teaching Chileans subcultures and li...

Ten Reasons To Study Abroad In Santiago

Interested in studying abroad in a safe and progressive Spanish-speaking city in South America with a Mediterranean climate? Here are 10 reasons why you should put Santiago on the top of your list:Quality of EducationSantiago is known as one of the bes...