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James Aird

James Aird English Lecturer at the University of Raparin

Zeal is proper for a task, time-wasting is taboo. —unknown teacher. cuneiform tablet (translated) - Ancient Mesopotamia circa 2500 b.c.

Ever since James graduated from Norwich University (the Military College of Vermont), he has spent his career teaching abroad. With experience from Vietnam, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Iraqi Kurdistan, James has learned to fit in and enjoy time abroad. His primary interests are in conflict/post-conflict zone education.

Articles By James Aird

Teaching English in Iraq: It’s More Than a War Zone Published 13 Feb 2018

Have you ever thought visiting Iraq? What living there?Probably not. Which is fair. When people hear “Iraq,” they think of violence: assassinations, kidnappings, bombings, and (I hate to say it) ISIS. In all honesty, these associations are ...