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Eric Vukicevich

Eric Vukicevich

Eric Vukicevich was born and raised in Kenwood, California, in one of the world’s great wine countries, Sonoma County. He graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo studying viticulture and enology. Since then he has worked in Spain, traveled around central Europe, Peru, and Southeast Asia, and recently completed a teaching stint in Thailand. Prior to his Thai adventure, Eric was working full time in viticulture on the central coast of California. He plans to pursue an advanced degree in Agroecology or a similar subject. When he’s not traveling the world, Eric can be found surfing, mountain biking, hiking, and playing music.

Articles By Eric Vukicevich

An American's Teaching English in Thailand Experience Published 01 Mar 2018

I recently marked the end of the academic year at our secondary school in central Thailand. As eighth period came to a close and my 45 matthayom 2/5 students rose in unison to say their last “Thank you, Teeecher,” I was surprised to feel a knot forming...