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Eileen Loh

Eileen Loh

Eileen Loh is a marketing/PR consultant and freelance writer. She had an incredible experience gorilla trekking in Africa through Green Hills Eco-Tours. More pictures and videos from that trip can be found on her travel blog. Eileen has lived and traveled on five continents, and gorilla trekking has been one of her most awesome adventures.

Articles By Eileen Loh

Five Essential Tips For International Volunteers

Anyone who decides to volunteer abroad already has the most important qualification you need: the urge to make a positive change in the world. This is the element that can carry an international volunteer through frustrations, disappointments, or confl...

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Choosing the Right Travel Accommodations

Accommodations abroad are more than just places to sleep and store your stuff. Finding a temporary “home” that supports the activities you want to do while traveling abroad—and fits your budget—is a critical element of a successful trip.Staying in a pl...